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      I walked… a LOT

      by tig2 ·

      In reply to Edited out

      18 miles Saturday. We walked the trail around Lake Harriet, Lake Calhoun, and Lake of the Isles. 18 long sweaty miles. It was nice in the morning but quickly got pretty hot. There were some nice breezes though and that helped. We ran into a number of other 3 Day walkers and cheered each other on. Got some strange looks from the other walkers, joggers, and bicyclists but I don’t think we much cared.

      At lunch, I noticed that I was developing the combination heat rash/vasculitis that I get on long walks. Got some hydrocortisone on and tried to hydrate better. Missed the mark somewhere- by the end of 18 miles I was rash from the waist down. *sigh*

      15 miles Sunday at Coon Rapids Dam. Started there and walked the Mississippi Trail. Finally branched off to a nearby (if 4 miles is nearby) park and walked the trails there. Two really steep hills that we had to walk up- one gravel the other paved. Between the heat and humidity, I wasn’t breathing so good by the time I made it up the second hill. I had to pull out the inhalor (which I hate) and try to get the lungs working again. A teammate poured ice water over my head. That was helpful but I think he enjoys doing that a bit too much. Still- it felt great!

      Stopping for lunch was good but moving again wasn’t a thrill. Still, we made it through and got back to the cars. I got out of the shoes and planted my feet in the grass. I swear I saw steam rising from them.

      My partner was so great through the whole weekend. He not only walked the distance, he made supper when we got home and rubbed Tiger Balm into my sore muscles. Saturday I got home and had enough energy to shower and feed the cats but not much else. If someone hadn’t fed me, I wouldn’t have bothered.

      We have cornered the market on ibuprophen and had it for breakfast both days. That helped a ton.

      Partner caught me before I could fall asleep on the keyboard last night. This morning, I feel like I spent the weekend on a blender. I feel a nap coming on…

      I learned this weekend that regardless of all the training we have done, I didn’t really have a clear understanding of what I have signed up for. I think I have a better understanding now. It was a tough weekend but at the end, we made it through.

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      Well, NB, yours was better than mine…..

      by gadgetgirl ·

      In reply to Edited out

      weekend, that is.

      Went home from here Friday, expecting to have one helluva lot of planning to do for the arranged Phoebe Tyne Tootle on Sunday, with neighbours, daughter and grandson.

      It got cancelled 10.55pm, same night.

      Rehashed the shopping lists, did laundry and shopping on Saturday, in an exceptionally muggy Newcastle, where the humidity was around 87% in 80F heat….not fun…..even little old ladies were buying bottles of water, which is a sight not seen in this neck of the woods……….

      Had a chilled couple of cans on Saturday evening, HOB decided it wasn’t worth doing a bbq, we’d have one Sunday instead, and besides that, he still had the migraine he woke up with in the morning.

      Come Sunday, the migraine has gone, but he now has an upset tummy. (No, not my cooking, but we won’t go into that. All his fault, lets’ say) Took to his bed at 12.15pm and stayed there 9pm.

      Sundays exercise was running up and downstairs fetching and carrying….

      Doctor Dog (Murphy) stayed with him the whole time (as always. No-one is poorly in my house without a doctor dog) and was giving HOB cuddles on the bed.

      So I had to remove three tons of dog hair before I could remake the bed yet again and fall into it.

      Was too hot to stay in bed for a snooze on Sat and Sun, woke up even earlier than the alarm both days.

      Today, I could have snoozed on, but you just know it’s Monday and the alarm blared at its’ usual time.

      Still 90F in office, 80F outside, I’m flagging badly, and I want to move to the Arctic.

      With dog, without HOB. Please. I need a rest!

      (oh, and I’ve been volunteered for another two Sundays on the boat……sheeeeesh…..can you hear this foot coming down with an extremely firm hand? This peasant is revolting!! :p )


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        on the boat?

        by jaqui ·

        In reply to Well, NB, yours was better than mine…..

        by the water?
        where there is a cool breeze all the time?

        if you revolt against that then you are an id10t :p

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          get it right, Jaq…..

          by gadgetgirl ·

          In reply to on the boat?

          Yes. On the boat. On the water. Cool breeze all the time? Nope. Only when you’re out of the marina. Which is a metal clad sun and heat trap. As is the boat.


          (and he went and bloody lost the mains lead for the only fan I keep on the boat, too….grrr!)

          oh, and ever tried keeping tabs on a 4yr old, boat mad grandson whilst being the ONLY CREW MEMBER on the damn thing? Hmm? 30 ton of boat heading for mooring, 4 year old heading for water.


          Wot to do first???

          And the only thing I’m revolting at is the fact that these things are arranged WITHOUT MY PRIOR KNOWLEDGE, but I’M THE GALLEY SLAVE.


          Off for iced water…..


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          :p to bad for you

          by jaqui ·

          In reply to get it right, Jaq…..

          the marinas here do get the breeze all the time.

          4 y/o boat mad tot? sound like a galley slave to me. ]:)

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          Ah. Er. Jaq?

          by gadgetgirl ·

          In reply to :p to bad for you

          I’m not quite sure if you were being nice or nasty there, but I prefer to think nice….

          cool chair – yup, need it, hot body (DE!!) needs respite from heat

          tens unit – yup, the arthritis isn’t coping with the humidity.

          Both together? are you wanting to electrocute me??!!!

          Grandson is 4yr old. Ben is boat crazy. Has been telling people for two years that “Gwamps has a boat in the ‘rina!” Can’t let him anywhere near cooking on board just yet, even though he loves cooking, but his grandmother is a certified fire warden and first responder, so she’s just a little jittery about gas cookers and four year olds…..

          Seriously, I am! I know how dodgy the cooker is!!!


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          by jaqui ·

          In reply to Ah. Er. Jaq?

          you mean you can’t hand him a deck brush and bucket of water and get him to muck the deck?

          if the boats in really bad shape, making red muck on the deck will amuse him for hours. ]:)

          in yer butt?
          good connection with the water to give the butt a workoput while sitting behind the desk.

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          by gadgetgirl ·

          In reply to what?

          y’re picking on me!

          Arthritis in hands, wrists, shoulders, top of spine…….

          [b] NOT IN MY BUTT!!! [/b]


          Wots a workoput?? 😀

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          but the

          by jaqui ·

          In reply to what?

          pain from overworked buttocks would distract you from the arthritis pain. ~insert angel emoticon here~

          workoput? that’s what happens when your buttocks get a good workout.. put…put…put ]:)

          [ gas ya know 😉 ]

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          GG – better than the torrential (sp?) rain

          by j.lupo ·

          In reply to get it right, Jaq…..

          we had all weekend long. I think we used row boats just to go to the corner market. Lightening, Thunder boomers, and down pouring rain. All weekend long (until about 6pm on Sunday night)

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          j – send me some! send me some!

          by gadgetgirl ·

          In reply to GG – better than the torrential (sp?) rain


          My heat rash has heat rash, and my itches have itches……!

          I’ve melted and reformed at least twice a day for the past week and a half!

          No fair. Can’t help being heat intolerant and have a broken internal thermostat. Would rather be cold. If you’re cold you can always warm up; if you’re too hot, you [i] can’t always [/i] cool down….

          I know this.

          I am this.

          Frazzled, fried, boiled, baked and cooked. And bloody itchy.

          Pass the iced water…… or the rain….. please!


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          Try my instant cool down trick

          by tig2 ·

          In reply to j – send me some! send me some!

          I keep a bottle of body spray- high alcohol content and smells good- in the refrigerator. Take said bottle to the loo with you and spray under your arms and the back of your neck. You will instantly feel cooler.

          You can accomplish much the same with witch hazel pads- again, keep in the refrigerator.

          I understand coping with extreme heat- used to live in Phoenix. First summer I was there they had record heat- 126F.

          Don’t forget the electrolytes!

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          GG – you just described ME!

          by j.lupo ·

          In reply to j – send me some! send me some!

          broken internal thermostat, heat intolerant, etc. I am one of those people who go to the mountains and melt the snow and ice. Seriously, I went on vacation to Vail in winter and it was negative digits. The hotel valets were wearing their best down jackets and I was talking (ok flirting) with them in a t-shirt and jeans and still sweating!!!

          Rain? You don’t want 100% humidity rain where it is 90+ degrees outside and raining. I thought I was being basted in an oven. I assure you I am quite finished cooking now.

          They are talking about more of the same around here this week with another OFFICIAL heat wave starting on Wednesday. Don’t know why it is a heat wave only when they have 3 consecutive days over 90 degrees. It has been HOT and feeling hotter than 90 for a month now. I mean my grass is brown even with all the rain.

          Edited: to fix dumb typos

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          Wohoo! Finally!

          by gadgetgirl ·

          In reply to GG – you just described ME!

          someone who understands what I mean!

          I was fine till the age of 7, then something happened to the internal stat. My problem is that my core temperature and skin temperature are at opposite ends of the scale…..

          I’ll feel cool to the touch, but inside, whatever is in my tum is boiling….

          Also have a problem with sunshine. It hates me. Only ever had a slight tan once in my life – at the age of 14 after a ski-ing holiday in Austria. And no, I’m not doing that again, I came back with a broken shoulder instead of heatrash (bad trade, bad trade)

          Present heatwave is taking its’ toll. Accidentally out in the sun for a WHOLE THREE MINUTES yesterday, and look like a lobster. Skin sore, not quite heat rash, but tender and itchy. And I’m allergic to so many lotions and potions it’s just not funny. All this, despite being on antihistamines for the last three months, too….

          j, don’t do what I do and manufacture your own form of heat rash which goes septic within 24hrs, and when bursts, leaves a scar…..




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          Oh GG – so much in common and so much different

          by j.lupo ·

          In reply to GG – you just described ME!

          I can appreciate EXACTLY what you are saying. Although in my case, I am the human radiator. Everytime someone needs to warm up, they come see me. Touch the skin and get burned (no I am not kidding, exaggerating, maybe a little). I really am that hot to the touch. I sweat like you wouldn’t believe in the summer.

          Give me 30 degrees F or below and I am fine. Oh and having Italian/Jewish heritage means the sun LOVES me. Everybody else hates me cause I can go spend the day at a baseball game and be tan the next day while everyone else with their SPF 10000000000 are lobsters. Of course it goes olive by the third day.

          Have you tried oatmeal baths? if allergic to all other lotions, I have found oatmeal works wonders and seems to prevent blistering. I think there is now an oatmeal based lotion on the market. I will have to look around and see if I can find out what it is called. It is suppose to be for the highly allergic.

        • #3206733

          I am with you

          by maecuff ·

          In reply to GG – you just described ME!

          I’m ALWAYS hot. My husband and I constantly battle over the thermostat. I refer to the other women in my office as the reptile brigade as they can’t tolerate even the slightest breeze. I swear, I’m going to buy them a one of those rocks that you heat up and put in your aquarium with your snake. If I’m comfortable, then they’re miserable. To compensate, I wear sleeveless shirts and have two fans in my office. One of these women wears a jacket all day long. She even wore it back in the computer room when the A/C was out and it was 95 degrees outside. Sheesh. It’s not natural. They’ve got goosebumps and the back of my head is damp from sweat.

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        Poor GG!

        by tig2 ·

        In reply to Well, NB, yours was better than mine…..

        Even though you aren’t walking, don’t forget electrolyte replacement in the heat and humidity. NeverBusted uses a blend of 50% water, 50% apple juice, I use Smart Water. Gatorade works but tastes AWFUL! A teammate uses it cut 50-50 water and Gatorade.

        Believe me, you’ll feel better!

        The current “weather lie du jour” indicates that the heat will break. I am not holding my breath.

        I will think cool breezes in your direction!

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          Poor GG?

          by neilb@uk ·

          In reply to Poor GG!

          OK, I do have sympathy but from my perspective she’s living in the Frozen North. At the moment I’m doing the bulk of my 10K paces (I’ll up it when it’s cooler) at 7am before my shower and I’m still melting. I did one walk at lunchtime and I had to stop off and buy a clean shirt and a towel on the way back.

          The two links show the difference – for GG,

          and for us poor buggers down in London,

          I know all you Floridians and Arizonans and others are calling us both wimps but the normal July temp here is low 20s C (not 30s), we don’t have aircon (haven’t needed it), public transport SUCKS and some people seem to be adopting a very “French” attitude to personal hygeine…

          Neil 😀

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          It should be legal

          by ontheropes ·

          In reply to Poor GG?

          to slap the living crap out of the first person who say’s, “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity”.

          Note: I [i]didn’t[/i] say “it”.

          Those are the same morons who say, “it’s really coming down,” when we have a blizzard. “Well no shlt Sherlock. I hadn’t noticed that I [i]couldn’t even [b]see[/b] out of my frikkin windshield.”[/i]

          We’re at 29C and 48% relative humidity right now. Just another warm day in Hell.

          I predict cold beer to be in the forecast for this afternoon.

          edit font style

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          by tig2 ·

          In reply to Poor GG?

          Neil- that sucks!!!

          It is way too hot here- in the 90s with humidity. Thank heaven for aircon! Have 5 miles this afternoon in heaven knows what weather- predicting T-storms for this afternoon. We call it “environmental training”. Ick!

          If you are walking in extreme heat, you MUST be doing electrolyte replacement. You will kill yourself without it. You are doing really good with the walking you are doing but you have to make sure you are staying healthy.

          Did you get new shoes? What did you get? Next weeks lesson- proper socks!

        • #3206715

          I have the shoes on order

          by neilb@uk ·

          In reply to OWWWWEEEEE!

          I’ve ordered a pair of New Balance walking shoes as I wanted black rather than white.

          At the moment, I’m doing the walk in the morning before my shower – getting up an hour early.

          On Saturday, I found a small area of woodland within a couple of miles of my house that has a “fitness trail” with the walk/run interspresed with chins, dips, situps, etc. At the moment, the walk is enough! One trail was blocked and I did get a little lost and then a bit hot and bothered and in an area no more than a mile across! The aggravating thing was a couple of guys came past me and – twenty minutes later – came past again.

          Sock advice would be most welcome!

          Neil 😀

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          Excellent choice!

          by tig2 ·

          In reply to I have the shoes on order

          New Balance is a great shoe- I use the 1122 cross trainer- my feet tend to twist when I walk so I need the extra stability. The twisting was causing some lower back pain and I needed to correct that. Since I don’t use the 843 (pink ribbon shoe) I have shoelace charms with the ribbons- all is right with my world!

          The major advantage of the New Balance shoe is that they remain the same- note your shoe number and you can always get that number. Saves on visits to the podiologist.

          For socks- I use Wright Sock- They are a dual layer sock for blister prevention. At five miles- or 10,000 paces- you run the chance of blisters, especially if you aren’t using BodyGlide or petroleum jelly on your feet. I use BodyGlide on any area that chafes. It is a life saver!

          Look for a sock with arch support that is a dry wicking fibre. My partner likes the cushioned sock- New Balance has a great line of walking socks- short cuff and a comfortable base with a dry mesh top. In the heat you are walking in just now, you will really appreciate a sock with moisture management. I’m sure that Target hasn’t happened in the UK, but they carry the “Champion” line- inexpensive but effective. I’m paying about $8.00 US for a pair of Wright Socks. They are worth it. The Champion line is about $2.00 US. Partner LOVES them.

          Incidentally, I have lost about 25 pounds since I started this.

          You are doing really great, Neil. I KNOW what hard work this is- and I know that it takes some determination to do it. You and NeverBusted and Mae keep ME inspired to keep going. And I appreciate it more that you know!

          Edited because I still can’t spell…

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      Spent the weekend

      by j.lupo ·

      In reply to Edited out

      working and nursing a very sick puglet. I worked until they took the servers down for maintenance. Of course they do this during our last week to get all our development done for the big migration. So, I lost that time – oh I really should think of it as forced time off work…

      Well, it wasn’t cause I still have my dissertation that I am working on and a very sick little puglet. I took her to the Vet on Thursday only to find out, she has a breast infection, Whip worm, and Allergies so bad an oatmeal bath doesn’t help. The Vet won’t even consider shots for her cause he said that would be the same as lethal injection.

      Found out whip worm is one of the difficult ones to cure and my little puglet HATES medicine. I can’t hide it in her food, she will eat around it. I tried peanut butter, tried cooked chicken, tried cheese. I am using cream cheese which was working until this morning.

      She saw me coming this morning with the cream cheese and ran for cover. Hunched up her back, tucked her tail and wouldn’t come anywhere near me. I even put some cream cheese in her food dish with NO medicine and she wouldn’t come near.

      In the mean time, the other puglet is trying to take the food stuff I am using to get my little girl’s meds into her and getting between my ankles and tripping me. Talk about a comedy routine at 4:30am this morning. I only get another 5 weeks of this before we see if she is all better. Oh and I have to keep the other one under control so HE doesn’t get whip worm.

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      hmm, lets see

      by jaqui ·

      In reply to Edited out

      24 hours of dealing with mental patients, drug addicts and sots.
      [ same 120 people each day ]

      bought a new motherboard, cdrom, cdrw, dragon heatsink-cooling fan, 2 HP passthrough power supplies, ipmega zip drive power supply.
      for 15 bucks [ all of the above list ]
      the mobo is asrock k7vm3 amd board, 32 or 64 bit capable.

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      Bales of Hay

      by jamesrl ·

      In reply to Edited out

      I remember bales of hay. Yeah, hay was heavier, straw was lighter. Hay made me sneeze, straw scratched me up. I lived with farms all around me, and we often helped out, even without pay if someone was down on their luck.

      It was a big revelation when I went to my uncles and used a baling hook for the first time – sweet.

      These days its pretty rare to see square (rectangular) bales, now of course you see the big round bales that are moved by tractor.

      I do miss those big lunches we used to get when baling or picking.


      • #3207734

        Edited out

        by ontheropes ·

        In reply to Bales of Hay

        Edited out

        • #3207696

          Family farms in Ontario

          by jamesrl ·

          In reply to Edited out

          Ontario has a lot of rich farmland. But sadly much of it is gone to suburbs.

          Much more of the land today is fallow or pasture. Even small farmers around here are using the round bales, so much so that if you want a “regular” bale of straw for halloween or for small pets etc, you have to know who still has them.

          There are people who build straw houses – not little pigs style, but a new economical house. They need rectangular bales with a heavy density/weight, and they are looking for those who still supply. They put rebar, wire mesh and plaster over the bales.


        • #3207635

          Edited out

          by ontheropes ·

          In reply to Family farms in Ontario

          Edited out

        • #3206728

          Here is a site

          by jamesrl ·

          In reply to Edited out


          The advantages of straw bale – good insulation value, owner buildable, relatively inexpensive. Its not as flamable as you think when its tightly packed.

          Disdavantage – it may only last 50 years. The walls are substantially thicker than normal.


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          NeverBusted and James- on juice/water

          by tig2 ·

          In reply to Edited out

          Partner and I have tried it, I will probably use it on the 3 Day. We like Smart Water but it is getting hard to find and I HATE Gatorade.

          I am using about 60/40- more water than juice. I am finding that when it is really humid, it is easier to tolerate than other electrolyte replacement- some of them really turn my stomach. It’s also easier to carry- found a juice box that is 100% juice. One box will replace the bottles that we carry- just add water.

          James- I had no idea that this would work out so well. When I can, I am doing the blend and freezing it for long walks- doesn’t last forever, but while it is cold it is WONDERFUL!

          Edited because I can’t spell…

        • #3207534

          My worst day

          by jamesrl ·

          In reply to NeverBusted and James- on juice/water

          From my long cycling trip in 1987, I rode from Ottawa to Montreal, on the Quebec side, through Hull, Montebello and Oka. It was about 135 miles. This was on a touring bicycle with tent, sleeping bag and other gear.

          That day, the longest on my trip, was also the hottest – about 85 degrees and close to 100% humidity. It was this time of year.

          I have bonked before in my life – heat exhaustion – when you can’t move and must hydrate and rest. Its an awful feeling.

          But that day, I ended up stopping every hour to refill two large waterbottles with juice and water. The pavement shimmered all the way.

          I did stop for a full 30 minutes at about the hundred mule mark, as I had “Deux Montanges” to go and needed to really hydrate. I couldn’t really eat much in the heat and I was running on empty.

          It took me twelve hours to do my mileage, a good deal longer than normal. A shower at the end never felt so good.

          After that day, everything else was easy. I was very proud to have made it, and a little embarassed at my youthful hubris – I could have picked the shorter route and not had mountains, and given the heat that would have made more sense. But I don’t regret it now. The scenary was great.

          Apple juice and water got me through that – like you I don’t like the taste of gatorade, and back then it was hard to find except in powder.


    • #3110367

      My weekend

      by maecuff ·

      In reply to Edited out

      was supposed to be fun. I took a half day off on Friday and we drove to Indiana to my husband’s home town of Peru. This town to serve as Winter quarters for circus performers and animals many years ago. They have an annual amatuer circus/parade/street fair and my son wanted to see the Circus. We went to the street fair Friday night, my son attended a performance with both of his grandmothers (my parents came to visit also) and his great grandmother. They had a wonderful time. Saturday evening, my husband and I went back to the fair with my sister and brother in law, then went back to their house to sit around their fire pit and have a few drinks. Unfortunately, within a few hours after eating greasy fair food, I got sick. I don’t know for sure than I had food poisoning, but I spent the entire night, with a pillow and a blanket, on my mother in law’s kitchen floor just outside the bathroom. The surface of the floor was just cool enough to put my face on for comfort between frantic trips to the bathroom.

      Normally, the drive home takes 5 hours, we made it in 7. On the plus side, when I fell asleep last night at 8:00pm, I slept straight through until my alarm went off this morning. That hasn’t happened in years. So, here I am at work, my stomach is still jumpy. I feel like a wrung out dish rag. And in spite of sleeping for many hours, I’m still tired. I’ve had three people tell me that I look like sh1t. When I tell them why, what do you think is the first thing they say? “What did you eat?” Like I really want to even THINK about that.

      Other than that, it was a lovely weekend. 🙂

      • #3110361

        Mae, try ginger

        by tig2 ·

        In reply to My weekend

        Candied ginger, specifically. It will calm your stomach. Don’t have ginger handy? Peppermint works too but not as well.

        You poor thing- I absolutely HATE unhappy stomach syndrome. If going home is an option, you should take it- food poisioning will only go away with time and rest.

        I’ll be thinking of you!

        • #3110355

          I would

          by maecuff ·

          In reply to Mae, try ginger

          have stayed home today, but we’ve got some things going on this morning that I have to attend to. Maybe I’ll slip out early this afternoon..

        • #3207782

          Flat ginger ale

          by jamesrl ·

          In reply to Mae, try ginger

          When you don’t have candied ginger, ginger ale is pretty good. Make sure you let it sit for a while to get all the bubbles out.


        • #3207778

          Sprite seems to work too

          by j.lupo ·

          In reply to Flat ginger ale

          I discovered that by chance when I didn’t have ginger ale handy and my stomach was not happy at all. Worked like a surprising charm.

        • #3207677

          Coke works for me

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to Sprite seems to work too

          I still have difficulties drinking Ginger Ale. That one harsh night of drinking ginger gingers. (ginger ale and ginger brandy) I suppose I would have been fine if we would not have had the slow screws that night too. THAT is what did it. (sloe gin and oj.)

      • #3207669

        Hope you feel better soon.

        by faradhi ·

        In reply to My weekend

        I hate that question as much as the question everybody asks when you lose something. “Where did you have it last?”

        • #3207664

          I know..

          by maecuff ·

          In reply to Hope you feel better soon.

          How do you even respond to that?

          I’m still feeling a bit yicky, but it’s improving..

    • #3207828

      My weekend was busy but

      by old guy ·

      In reply to Edited out

      great fun. My family and I were in the local Community Theater production of “Damn Yankees” this weekend for 3 shows with about 30 other actors. My son and I were on stage and my wife ran the lights. We had a great time and had a really good audience on Saturday night, which helps us do even better. We are all worn out though because of the time spent on practice as well as our regular jobs.

      • #3207822

        No kidding…

        by faradhi ·

        In reply to My weekend was busy but

        What theater? Man, If I had known, i would have checked it out.

        • #3207814

          We are members of

          by old guy ·

          In reply to No kidding…

          LTCC (Little Theater of Crittenden County) in West Memphis. We perform in the West Memphis Auditorium. I had forgotten you live here or I would have said something. We put on about 3 larger performances each year and some smaller performances in between. I love the stage.

        • #3207810

          Until now, I have not hear of it.

          by faradhi ·

          In reply to We are members of

          That is cool. I am going to have to tell my wife. We were looking for something to keep my nieces occupied for the summer and one is intrested in acting.

          Let me know when your next performance. We will check it out. 🙂

        • #3207806

          In West Memphis

          by old guy ·

          In reply to Until now, I have not hear of it.

          we have a CYT (Crittenden Youth Theater) I’ll try to find the phone number and peer mail you. You might also want to check with the Germantown Theater. I’m sure they have a lot for kids as well. We had about 6 kids in our play this weekend.

          We will put on “The Foreigner” in October. I don’t much about that play yet.

    • #3207800

      As a tech, this should make your week…

      by vanessaj ·

      In reply to Edited out

      Did you know that this Friday is Sys Admin day? I just started a thread:

      Until today, I never knew there was such a day. How do we let our users/clients know about this incredibly important day? THE WORLD SHOULD KNOW AND BOW TO US. I’m wondering if I should send out a mass email to all our clients/users or just start making the calls 😉 Tell you what…I’ll call all of your users/clients if you call mine.

      Anyway, maybe Friday will make up for the weekend, NB, and next weekend will start properly!

    • #3207712

      Late to the party, but I made it!

      by jdclyde ·

      In reply to Edited out

      Had a good weekend with some one-on-one time with Thing Two.

      (for those not up on it, got twin boys age 14, thing one and thing two. Long running thing with them)

      Thing one went up north with a friend, and is still not home yet.

      Thing two has been having issues with his mother on the weeks she has them, and we got to just pall around.

      We went out to eat a few times, and he got to pick each time. (He and his brother usually have to take turns deciding).

      After lunch, we hit the book store. Love Barns and Nobles, and he likes his books. got a few.

      Went to the sporting goods store and looked at all the cool toys. Nice rifles and golf clubs! (just looked though). Did get everyone a new trigger release for our bows, as this is the first year we will be able to go bow hunting. Also got some golf supplies, balls, new gloves, and tees.

      Made a point to look at the kayaks too. Looking to pick a few up for next year, but think I will see what I can find used as I will need three. Just trying to find out as much about them as I can for now so I will know more of what to look for.

      Got in a round of golf. Started out HORRIBLE. The play was SLOW, and after an HOUR and just finishing up the third hole, I got on my cell and called the club house and asked them to send a ranger out to see what they could do. He made it back to us as we finished the fourth hole and chatted with us for a few minutes and I explained about how slow it was. For a solution, he offered us to switch to a different nine (the nicer holes are usually reserved for people playing 18, and everyone playing nine gets thrown on the “West”) So we got to go back to the clubhouse and start over on the North (the nicest of the three!). We were walking, so by the time we were done, we were DONE. Walked the 13 holes, and while not as far as Tig goes, she isn’t pulling around a heavy golf bag OR carrying as much weight as I do! :p It was a GREAT round of golf. A good day!

      Went home and tried out the new trigger releases! Thing two went from about a two foot group to a two INCH group, just by using the release. SWEET! I went from about 6 inches to an inch. Haven’t tried it with my recurve yet though, just shot his compound.

      Lots of playing Diablo 2xpac together, and he got to do his “My Space” time chit/chatting.

      Oh, had a bat in the house. Lost him somewhere in the boys bedroom, so Thing two spent the weeking in my room. 😀 Have no idea where that dang thing went, but he is not in there anymore.

      A great weekend. Oh yeah, lots of advil! B-)

      • #3207583

        *Stern voice* JD…

        by tig2 ·

        In reply to Late to the party, but I made it!

        My pack weighs 22 pounds. It is around my waist. With full water and electrolyte replacement- 24- 25 pounds.

        I have sunscreen, insect repellant, food, food, food, electrolyte replacement, rain gear, ibuprophen, Benedryl, epi pen, inhalor (don’t leave home…) bandanna, girl sh*t, BodyGlide, spare socks, tiger balm, moleskin, padded moleskin, anti-bac, scissor, penlight, cash, phone, GPS, and awareness lit.

        And I carry on my person- not drag behind… Use all of it.

        You did good, I applaud what you were able to acocmplish. I hope Thing Two got some time to be “real” with you. Worry about that kid…

        • #3207568

          Just got a coupon in my email

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to *Stern voice* JD…

          looks like next week we will be taking a CART! 😀

          Inhalor? Scissors? Sounds like you need a CADDIE! ;\

          Keep it up luv. 😡

        • #3207560

          Darned right!

          by tig2 ·

          In reply to Just got a coupon in my email

          Are you volunteering?

          How did it go with your son? Is he okay? I worry about that kid. I know that he has you, but I hear distressing things talking to partner’s 22 year old- 14 at the time of the divorce. Glad to know that he has you- pray frequently for YOUR sanity. Mebee God likes you, mebee He don’t…

        • #3207542

          Only if I can drive a golf cart! :D

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to Darned right!

          Then I would carry all of your gear!

          Things went well with Thing Two. You saw the basic run down of what we did.

          I even got a bonus day out of it. Because Thing One was not coming back until Monday, Thing Two called his mother and asked if she was going to want him there on the normal schedule or if he could stay with me until thing one got home. She told him she didn’t care, whatever he wanted. Without a seconds hesitation he told her that he wanted to stay. 😀 He has ALWAYS been dads boy, even from the time they were babies. We had a good time together, no distractions.

    • #3207659

      Hospital appointment

      by neilb@uk ·

      In reply to Edited out

      I had a hospital appointment this afternoon. I’d been waiting for everything to settle down for six months since an ear operation that went wrong and upset my balance a bit (and killed the hearing in my right ear).

      I choose the day when the fuse bank blows in the hospital and all of the computers are off. So, no audiometry, so no assessment of where we go from here.

      Very interesting consult, though, We do all sorts of balance, manipulation, perception and other like tests and these are all interesting and fairly obvious.


      Say “baby hippopotamus”.

      “baby hippopotamus?” (rising inflection)

      “Thank you.”

      Anyone got any idea what THAT was for?

      • #3207629

        Edited out

        by ontheropes ·

        In reply to Hospital appointment

        Edited out

      • #3206824

        The answer…..

        by gadgetgirl ·

        In reply to Hospital appointment

        (hey, I’m great at Trivial Pursuit….)

        Neil, what they were doing was assessing your speech in regard to your hearing. As your hearing lessens, especially after surgery, you “misform” words, but can’t necessarily hear yourself “mis-pronouncing” them. If this was beginning to happen with you, I would expect them to be looking to hear “baby hipp-potamus”

        They also had a secondary reason for doing this with Pa – they watched his lips while getting him to say a silly sentence (which floored him, too!) to see if it would be of benefit to him to be sent to lip reading classes. He has good upper lip flexibility for a man (snigger!) but chose not to go – he prefers to ignore Ma, and claims industrial deafness, even though it is selective as far as listening to Ma goes!

        When do you go back for the rest of the assessment, babz? Still getting the occasional dizzy spell?



        • #3206812

          Another FOUR months

          by neilb@uk ·

          In reply to The answer…..

          Good old NHS. They would have fixed me up for October but I’ll be in the US.

          Baby hippopotamus now makes sense. Thank you.

          The dizziness is mostly gone and what does remain comes and goes and is mostly caused by my holding my head still and getting a stiff neck. When the Doc turned my head sideways yesterday, it crunched! I have exercises to counteract it but I haven’t been doing them. 🙁 Think I’ll take some yoga classes next. “Intermediate, of course. How difficult can that be? A few ladies going mmmmmmmm”.

          Seems I have wax so they want to get rid of that first. Super hi-tech pharmacological wonder drug! A solution of bicarbonate of soda. I can get in on prescription or I can buy it from the chemist for 65p.

          Other than that, I’m fine. Still on the 10,000 paces per day but still a lardy boy but I don’t know what I was expecting as it’s only three weeks so far. If it would just cool down…


          If it was nice and cool like it is up your way. :p

        • #3206784


          by gadgetgirl ·

          In reply to Another FOUR months

          you expect better treatment from where I work, hmm? With the overspend WE have? Hmm? Not on your little nelly, petal! ooops, sorry, hang on a mo …….

          There. That stopped that, then!

          You’ve got to keep doing the exercises, babz, really, seriously. Set yourself a few minutes at set times of the day and DO ‘EM. Honest, Neil, you need to. I’ll PM you about why as soon as I get the chance.

          Incidentally, that AudiClear stuff is good – and it’s just seawater. Worked well when HOB went deaf a few months ago (again, his own fault) and the nozzle is easy to use. May be easier for you than trying to squirt bicarb down your lug’ole!!!

          Now look, babz, thee n me is gonna fall out if you don’t get of this “I’m hotter than you” kick. I’m the one with all the heat intolerances, bust internal thermostat and sun sensitivity, and I AM SUFFERING. Grief, love, if I was in London, I’d be hospitalised by now. My internal system just can’t take this heat. It’s not helped by this bloody office, either – it got to 94F yesterday.

          Oh, btw, did I tell you that out of the two windows in here only one opens? Four inches only – restrictors being placed on the whole building as it’s a mental hospital. And it’s a secure room, so I can’t prop open the door. And all this damn fan is doing is moving around hot air. Oh, and I’m down to one, cos they’ve pinched some to put in the patient areas….cos it’s too hot for them, too.

          Oh the NHS. Deep joy and happiness.

          Now, how far to the Arctic from here??


        • #3206775

          OK. I’ll stop the wind-up

          by neilb@uk ·

          In reply to So…..

          I’ve done my time in mental hospitals (NOT as a patient) as I’d just got into IT when they were converting all of the inpatient mental hospitals in Hertfordshire to Trust offices and “care in the community” was just beginning. I know all about radiators on in summer and windows that don’t open.

          You really do have my sympathy. It’s due to get a little cooler later this week but I still haven’t heard of a change to “wet-and-windy” in sight yet.

          We’ve got a couple of days of storms on the way according to the Beeb and then sunny again but a bit cooler.

          As for the Audiclear, it’s noted. I’ll see what the chemist has to offer in terms of bicarb solution – hopefully in a droppy bottle – as I’ve got to do both ears.

          See ya later, babe,

          Neil 😀

          p.s. From Newcastle to the Arctic Circle is around 740 miles if my calculations are correct and assuming the Earth as a sphere rather than oblate. Problem is that this time of the year, there’s much more day than night. The North Pole is around 3000 miles.

        • #3206712

          The end of the week – the end of the heat

          by neilb@uk ·

          In reply to The answer…..

          Check it out – Westerly winds, rain and 22C for you.

          Assuming, of course, that they have the slightest idea what they’re on about…

        • #3206703

          oh, thank goodness for that!

          by gadgetgirl ·

          In reply to The end of the week – the end of the heat

          Just having an horrendous couple of hours….

          (you’ll understand this, Neil, being ex-NHS)

          Been to a meeting further down the site, where they supplied one small jug of water for 16 people….

          By the time I got out, I had no option to walk unshaded for about three minutes in full midday sun. Wanna fry an egg? Use my arms….

          Got back to find out that they were turning off the water to the whole site at 2pm for approx two hours and that “storage tanks [i] should [/i] cope within the given time”.

          The only bright spot is that Steve-next-door has just come back from the shops with “Fab” ice lollies for everyone in the unit!!! (Bless….)

          Now, can I just arrange a cool day, with wind but no rain for Sunday please? (Tyne Tootle…..mebbes….)



          Edit: Brain fry – ice lolly didn’t work…..

        • #3206700

          Sunday. I’ll see what I can do

          by neilb@uk ·

          In reply to oh, thank goodness for that!

          The synoptic chart is showing an approaching weather system for Saturday with fronts over the West of the country so – I’ll stick my neck out – they should have cleared by Sunday.

          Perfect day in store!

          Neil 😀

          There will NOT be a hurricane. They call me [b]Mister[/b] Fish…

        • #3206691

          o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

          by gadgetgirl ·

          In reply to Sunday. I’ll see what I can do

          I’m afraid.

          Very afraid.





      • #3207562

        hey dad

        by jck ·

        In reply to Hospital appointment

        hope you’re okay. let me know

        sonny boy

        • #3207502

          I’m alright, Son

          by neilb@uk ·

          In reply to hey dad

          I had an ear operation some months ago wher they replaced my middle ear bones with a prosthesis – an ossiculoplasty. My hearing had been crap since childhood. The op was a success until about two weeks in when the improved hearing went away.

          I had a second op near Christmas to see what had happened and they found that the prosthesis had snapped and one of the ends had gone into my inner ear. They pulled it out and patched the hole but it left me with major dizziness for a week or two and occasional bouts of light dizziness. They’ve got some hearing back but it’s mainly a waiting game.

          I don’t fall over and the only thing I find difficult is looking behind me quickly when riding a bike. So I don’t. 😀


        • #3208850

          something to ask ur docs about

          by jck ·

          In reply to I’m alright, Son

          When your ear is totally healed, ask your docs about Eppley maneuvers…ok?

          When I fell once and hit my head, it misaligned the autoliths in my inner ear and caused me to have what is called benign paroxysmal positional vertigo whenever I turned my head in any direction.

          You can ask about those Eppley maneuvers and see if they say that will help any.

          Hope it all ends ok, Dad. especially hope it doesn’t affect your ability to consume pints 😀

          Take care…

          sonny boy

      • #3207514

        Oh crap, Neil

        by tig2 ·

        In reply to Hospital appointment

        Inflection. They were doing a basic check on comprehended inflection. Given the issues you have been having, I can’t imagine WHY that was a consideration.

        Keep on it. And push until you get an answer that is in keeping with what you know to be true.

        • #3207507

          Rising inflection

          by neilb@uk ·

          In reply to Oh crap, Neil

          was from me – as in “baby hippopotamus???”. I think GG was right in that it was a simple off-the-cuff hearing estimation with no audiometry available.


      • #3207493

        maybe the doctor

        by vanessaj ·

        In reply to Hospital appointment

        can’t say it himself and he’s checking to see how many other people can say it. 😉 Just kidding.

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