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Twister of the Cat People

by Too Old For IT In reply to Edited out

Why Twister? A couple of theories are out there.

a) She twists herself up like a protzel to get some attention.

b) Have you ever seen the movie?

Nuff said, and I prefer her company to most peoples.

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Animal House

by Tink! In reply to Edited out

Hmm, where to start? Let me first list the official pets:

Beauty - my 10 yr old's cockatiel
Susie - her parakeet
Princess - my 8 yr old's cockatiel
Sky - her parakeet
Boots - the family outdoor cat
Sammy - her kitten, currently a porch cat soon to be house & porch cat
Rose - the family black lab

All of the above plus a basement full of African Grey Congos, button quail, scarlet-chested parakeets, diamond doves, cockatiels and parakeets - we have a full house.

But the pets are the ones you watch and laugh at because each one has their own singular personality. Rose we got this New Years Eve as a pup. Boots was still wintering on the porch (enclosed) with Sammy. About a month ago Rose followed me onto the porch. Boots was not happy with this encounter (she's met Rose before but must have been in a particularly bad mood this day), and promptly delivered a flurry of blows to Rose's behind, claws out. Needless to say Rose does not dare go on the porch any more, even if she only sees Sammy out there..Sammy happens to look exactly like Boots (a long-haired black cat with white paws) except that Sammy has 1 black toe on her front paw.

Beauty talks. Or at least tries to. He's in the bedroom that my 10-yr old & 5 yr old share. They leave the TV on pretty constant. If you sit and listen, Beauty makes sounds like people having a conversation. Nothing intelligible. But on a dark and quiet night it's kinda spooky.

The African Congos are really good at mimicking Rose. If it weren't for their locale within the house, you couldn't distinguish between Rose whining or the birds. One of them also happens to yap like some sort of small dog. I think the same one also makes a cat-like sound something between a meow and a yowl. And another says Hello in a really deep voice. It spooked us the first time we heard it!

Well, I could go on an on, after all pets are like kids, you have endless stories about their antics.

I wouldn't doubt if in a year we have even more pets. My oldest daughter went to a bird & game swap with me this weekend and saw a whole bunch of rabbits. I think it's in her head again now. (We had dwarf rabbits a cpl of times in her lifetime). If we get a fence up in the next year..who knows what'll happen?

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Edited out

by OnTheRopes In reply to Animal House
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by Jaqui In reply to Edited out

with John's Kelly, her daughters Thumper and Luna, her grandaughter Nikki, Sunday and Sidney all deciding I'm great, my building manager's pets are enough thanks.

besides, my wife is allergic to cats and dogs, I'm allergic to birds.

rodents are good, I frequently have pet rodents, since they don't cause allergic reactions.

Kelly, the Grande Dame, old self centered sweetheart

Thumper, getting on there, lots of fun to tease.
the one that nursed Sunday [ if I remember right ]

Thumper's sister Luna, smallest one, same litter as Thumper, a more passive puppy I've never seen.

Kelly, Thumpers Daughter, Sunday's Sister, a wanna be alpha that just can't boss Grandma around.

Sidney, the stray cat that wandered in, hides from all but four people, and is actually a sweetheart.

This is Sunday:

This is Thumper:

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Cats have Staff

by Tig2 In reply to ~twtich~...~twitch~

I have actually been owned by a few cats. My favourite- except of course for the three that I live with now- was Touche.

I got Touche about 4 months before my first marriage. 17 years and two divorces later, I still had Touche. He was a lynx point Siamese and completely devoted to me- and I to him. In his older age he moved slowly and in the months before he passed, he developed cataracts. But he was a most wonderful cat and constant companion. When Touche was five, I got him a kitten. Petrouchio was a blue point Siamese. Petrouchio loved Touche and was devoted to him. After Touche died, Petrouchio became very introspective and somewhat shy. He died a couple of years later.

I foster kitties for a local no-kill shelter. Last summer we had 15 cats and kittens abandoned at the shelter and I had two abandoned on my doorstep. I fostered a MomCat and her two kits from the time the kits were about a week old. I remembered why it was that I got an adult cat after 12 weeks with the kits! They were everywhere in everything and not two brain cells between them. Kittens think it is fun to climb the curtains!

My partner has a cat that in his wisdom he named "Kitty". I named mine Minou (Cajun for kitty). His Kitty lives in our bedroom as she and Minou don't get on well. We also have one of the two cats that was abandoned at my home. She is a beautiful calico. We didn't name her Cat, we named her Callie. Pretty adventurous of us, don't you think?

I have had so many cats pass through my life that it is hard to remember them all (galloping senility!)but there are a few that have left pawprints on my heart.

Much to my chagrin, I have recently discovered that if you have one cat, you are a cat lover. Two cats and you are fanatic. Three or more just get you looked at as the "crazy cat lady from down the street". So I'm crazy. This is news?

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Crazy Cat Family

by Tink! In reply to Cats have Staff

I know when I turn old and gray I'm probably going to be the crazy cat lady down the street too, so I feel for you.

Currently we could probably be known as the crazy cat family. We've had several cats pass through our family already. Boots, our outdoor cat, is not fixed (I know many people would cut us down for this, but we're not alone, where do you think the non-fixed toms come from?).

Anyway, we've had a few litters by her. With her 2nd litter (she lost her 1st) we were going to keep the runt, but it met with an unfortunate accident ( fault). Her 3rd litter had a mixture of colors. including 1 long-haired calico type and 1 gray-tiger type. The calico was named Snuggles (by my oldest daughter) and the gray-tiger was named Explorer (by my middle child). Snuggles was lost after her first litter (think a coyote got her) and the kittens were too young for us to adopt so we had to give them to an animal hospital that also finds homes. It's a shame they were the most beautiful orange cats. We moved soon after and brought Boots and Explorer with us. Explorer appeared a cpl times to eat and then hasn't been seen since (although my middle child claims to have seen her a few might be wishful thinking). Boots as I've already said in previous posts, is still with us. As well as a kitten from her 4th litter - Sammy - whom we ARE going to fix.

The kids name every kitten from every litter. We always have 1 Snuggles and 1 Explorer in each group. The other repeat is Cutie-Pie. Sammy was amazingly was christened with an original name!

Furball is also another notable cat of ours. She was a Himalayan type. Born of the same litter as Boots. My husband is the one who wanted her. Originally we were only going to pick up one cat, but when he saw the single beige cat out of the group of black & whites, he wanted it too. We spent literally over an hourtrying to catch this kitten. She was quick and kept running from one corner to the other in the barn, and since she was small she could fit behind all the junk in there too. We finally did catch her and I called her Furball for lack of a better name. She was a pretty Himalayan type with a hint of tiger. Sadly she was lost with her 1st litter. We think the neighbors at that time may have taken her and given her away. (possibly not knowing she was ours).

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Edited out

by OnTheRopes In reply to Cats have Staff
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Cats have staff

by jardinier In reply to Cats have Staff

Or to use the more common comparison between dogs and cats: dogs have masters and cats have servants.

However an animal loving friend of mine expressed it in the following form:

Dog: The human gives me food and shelter, therefore it must be a god.

Cat: The human gives me food and shelter, therefore I must be a god.

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Edited out

by OnTheRopes In reply to Cats have staff
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or a Rottie.

by X-MarCap In reply to Edited out

My rottie caught a crook. He had burgled a house in the neighborhood. She barked at him (being loose on our 1.5 acres.) He found a tree and dropped everything of illgotten gain.

She laid at the bottom of the tree barking at him. Eventually the police arrived. I told them no hurry. He wasn't going anywhere with 140 pounds of teeth, and muscle below him. He claimed he didn't know where the jewlwery came from. My neighbors didn't press charges so he got off with just soiled shots and loss of booty...

She had the Frisbee at the bottom of the tree. If he'd have picked it up and thrown it 20 times he'd have gotten away clean.

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