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by neilb@uk In reply to Edited out

you have the technology and the arsenal to nuke their entire country to a glass plain and they know it.

Are you telling me that it's of no use?

Fire an unarmed cruise right back and drop it into the President's back yard. Tell him "any trouble from you - anywhere, ever - and the next one's live". That'll shut his yap for a while.

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Wonderful Idea!

by Mr.Wiz In reply to But
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Double post

by OnTheRopes In reply to But
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Why do they want to head

by OnTheRopes In reply to But

deeper into the nuclear abyss? They need to grasp the fact that the US could melt 'em down.

If they do take a shot at us we won't have any way of knowing for certain that the missle is unarmed. I'd hate to be the one having to make that judgment call.

As I've found no more info I'm thinking this is Paul Harvey's fear story of the week.

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Thanks for the link

by OnTheRopes In reply to Found story on CNN

There's a big difference between launching a missle capable of reaching the US and launching a missle directed at the US.

That may be why Mr. Harvey phrased his statement the way he did, "unconfirmed". It's also possible I misheard him. I have requested a transcript from ABC for todays broadcast for my own satisfaction if nothing else.

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Political Posturing

by mjwx In reply to Why do they want to head

It?s not about who has nukes or who can use nukes it?s about one side attempting to prove their superiority by showing off. Like kids in the school yard going "my daddy can beat the crap out of your daddy"

For example:

Kim: Look George my missile is bigger than your missile
GWB: no Kim MY missile is bigger
Kim: but MINE can go farther
GWB: but MINE can launch from underwater. Besides KIM is a girl?s name.

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Good answer

by OnTheRopes In reply to Political Posturing

So true and funny besides.

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It sounds like this guy

by Old Guy In reply to But

is a bit of a psycho anyway. Firing an unarmed missile back at him could just give him what he wants. Maybe ours should be live instead?

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Neil, That would allow me to say Sic 'em

by X-MarCap In reply to But

I would probably try to see if my huntin' licence had a yellow belly sap sucker on it as a valid target...

Neil, don't mess with people who have Nukes... Either USA or GB in that manner... It is moronic to antagonize a serious nuclear power. What it would guarantee is that their missles would be found and destroyed by one manner or another...

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