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      Funny you should ask.

      by stress junkie ·

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      I had been wondering, in a passive sort of way, about the details of marrow donation. Thanks to your links, I have found that I am not healthy enough to donate. Now I can tell people that I WOULD donate if I COULD donate. I think I’ll be a real pompous ass about it since there is no chance that I’ll have to actually do it. 🙂

      Regarding adult stem cells, I wish this got more attention. It seems to me that researchers should find out how much can be done with these resources before they get into politically hot territory.

      Edit for spelling correction.

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        by ontheropes ·

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          I used to donate blood on a regular basis though

          by stress junkie ·

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          I wish that I had mentioned this in my original post. I don’t want people to think that I’m an all-talk-and-no-action kind of a guy. I donated blood regularly from the time that I was 18 years old until I had a heart attack in 2001.

          I never looked into post mortem organ donation because, as I told my doctor, I suspect that the organ harvesting team might be a little bit too eager to get their hands on my goodies before I’m finished using them. 🙂

          Actually, in all seriousness, ever since the organ donation “system” wasted a perfectly good liver on that old, alchoholic baseball celebrity I decided that I don’t like the way that they make decisions about who gets the next available organ. I wish that they had rules such as “any young person preempts any old person”.

          I also object to the huge amount of money that the surgeons charge for their services. The cost of organ transplant in the United States is obscene. There is no reason that organ transplant surgeons should be paid as much as they are paid.

          So, as far as post mortem organ donation is concerned, I’m not happy with what I hear in the news about the way things are done. Mismanagement of resources, IMO, and obscenely high costs really make me angry.

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          by ontheropes ·

          In reply to I used to donate blood on a regular basis though

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          In truth I’m disappointed.

          by stress junkie ·

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          I had thought for several years that living organ donations like kidney, bone marrow, and even a half a liver, would be a good way to make my life more meaningful. I just never got a round tuit before I read your post. (A round tuit. Funny huh?) 🙂

          My little spelling joke is probably lost on most TR readers since they can’t spell anyway. Ignorant savages. 😀

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      Hey NB, I’ll have to take my time on this

      by deadly ernest ·

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      I’m a registered organ donor, and have donated blood. But having a really, really bad phobia about needles, I gotta take time working up to this one.

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      Funnily enough

      by gadgetgirl ·

      In reply to Edited out

      Less than a week ago, this happened over here….

      Personally, I think it’s about time too. In a nutshell, why do relatives have any say in what happens to an “out of practical use” body? On the other hand, though, it’s down to the individual to ensure that they communicate their thoughts on organ donation before they pass.

      Having been in the situation where my ex SIL was declared brain dead, I’m damn glad that every member of the family (close and extended) knew her wishes, and did not veto the donation. Her view had always been “if I don’t need it any more, it may be useful to someone else” and she applied that to all areas of her life.

      Glad this law got passed. Been signed up for organ donation myself since I was 17. Sorta made up for the fact that they won’t have my substandard blood! (kidney problems in early life)


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        Can’t donate

        by tig2 ·

        In reply to Funnily enough

        I am not allowed to donate for some time- don’t know off hand what the frame is. That is pretty standard after certain medical treatment.

        I believe my cousin is now permitted to donate- 20 year survivor. My aunt still cannot- 7 year survivor.

        I do have a notice that identifies medical research as a viable alternative. Once I am done with this body, I don’t really much care what is done with it- I’m done with it.

        Another thing to consider is a statement of choice in the event of brain death. Also known as a “Living Will” it can help to insure that your wishes will be followed in the event that you cannot communicate. That document should specify a person of authority- the individual that you authorise to act for you. An addendum should include a Power of Attorney that specifies effectiveness at the time you become incapable of acting for yourself.

        While nothing guarentees that your wishes will be carried out, one of the reasons that people are kept alive past their wishes is the claim that the person’s wishes were not clearly known. A Living Will should be renewed every two years or when a life changing event occurs- marriage, death, child reaching majority, divorce. This helps to prevent one side of the family from acting against another to some extent.

        Regardless, the subject needs to see the light of day- most people are guessing when it comes to carrying out a person’s wishes purely because they have never had the necessary conversation.

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        Neither can I

        by bob in calgary ·

        In reply to Funnily enough

        Canada has a law that if you spent more than 6 months in the UK prior to 1985 then you can’t be a blood donor. They are scared someone my get BSE.

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