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Baby, you don't hold a flicker

by Tig2 In reply to Edited out

To my partner's flame. I do believe that he has you hands down. Ask him about "Mr. Heater"...

So it happened that he and his dad were up deer hunting near Bruno. It was the end of the day and right about knock off when a really good looking 10 pointer stumbled by.

It's dusk, he has a perfect shot. What you you do?

Partner did the only sensible thing when one is hunting. He took the shot. Dropped the deer. Now he is standing in the woods with the available light fading fast. No flashlight. SH*T! Fortunately, his dad heard him take the shot and hurried over- loaned my now sheepish partner HIS flashlight and sent him back for the ATV and set a trail.

Partner has NEVER been without several since. He has installed a 4D MagLight in my car- he has two or three in the truck. He gave everyone we know Farraday fashlights as stocking stuffers at Christmas. I have a carabiner personal light on my waist pack but he also insisted on getting me a larger light for the pack- I WILL BE WALKING IN DAYLIGHT HOURS!!!

My best reccomendation for researching what you are looking for is to call a few of the rental shops and ask if you can take a look at what they are renting. As many of them are self owned, the owner can usually give you a sound rationale for his choices. You might also find it a way to sideline some business.

No more going to Cabela's without a responsible adult in tow. That place is absolute evil! Every time we walk in there, we bleed money...

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by OnTheRopes In reply to Baby, you don't hold a fl ...
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Okay- so we are crazy in the same direction...

by Tig2 In reply to Edited out

When I breathe life back into the Sony, I will send you a pic with the buck. VERY tasty animal.

I will NOT be telling Mike about the Thor or we will be on our way to Rogers. We have walking to do!

And incidentally, Gander and Sportsman's Outlet here are easily as much fun. Oh- and Joe's too. I like Joe's- got 40% off rain gear there on a chance. If you have ever walked 10 miles in the rain, you know why I like them so much.

I haven't found a Photon with a lock on feature yet. I can't do the opposible thumb thing for too long- makes my wrists ache. I'll start looking.

The new toy to purchase is a hot pink Victorinox multi knife. But I want one with the thumb drive built in. And a ribbon.

You and Mike would get along just great. Sure you haven't been cloned or anything???

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by OnTheRopes In reply to Okay- so we are crazy in ...
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Got to talk to me about knives.

by Tig2 In reply to Edited out

I've made a few. Have friends that have made a few more. Best guy I know for knives still does Damascus steel. Beautiful work- flawless.

Mike has the basics that any hunter person requires. Some nice pieces but I have done better work than what he has bought.

My favourite was a 12" Arkansas toothpick that I made on a whim. Sold it years ago but a very pretty piece.

Mr. Heater is your best friend if you live in the Midwest and have a handy propane tank. Especially when it gets cold.

I bet you win on knives too. But not by much. We won't discuss the guns...

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by OnTheRopes In reply to Got to talk to me about k ...
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Family and relationships

by Tig2 In reply to Edited out

Related? Hard call. I am a native Californian hiding out in the Midwest. I am an odd combination of Native American, English, Scot, and German. Partner is Scandinavian.

Walking is easy on me- I have to marinate in bug juice to survive- but other than that, I am fine. He has to cover himself in nuclear grade sunscreen or he will fry. Re-apply every two hours is required. And through it all, he is developing the same odd tan lines that I have.

Mike gets his personality/likes/dislikes/beliefs directly from his Dad. A bit from his Mom. They are great people.

If we aren't related by blood, we sure are by cold. Anyone that lives in the frozen tundra by choice is unique to say the least.

So did you take care of your varmint problem???

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by OnTheRopes In reply to Edited out
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by X-MarCap In reply to Okay- so we are crazy in ...
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You should never have let them in there

by Tig2 In reply to edited out

Bad enough that you find women like me in there- normal women should be checked at the door!

We fortunately live an hours drive from the closest Cabela's. I can sneak over to buy gifts for my partner as long as I keep them well hidden. He can sniff out toys though!

I have better luck for winter clothing at REI and Gander Mountain. And lately (last year or so) at Target, oddly enough. You have to know what you are looking for, though.

Set your Mother in Law (wife too) up with L.L. Bean on-line. Some nice deals to be had there too!

Edited because the Grammar and Spelling Police know where I live... and to correct a minor point

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