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Eesti Telekom!

By areets ·
Some support to the former Telecom adviser

Governments in Eastern Europe should not fully free market nor put a greater percentage in the hands of Operators who are looking to expand their European network and, of course, their profitability. Estonians will lose out. In the case of Eesti Telekom, selling off 7.3% of the 27.3% held by the government would stimulate market growth and competition in the sector.

Though, it must maintain the core part of the telecom infrastructure (20%), as toleverage market services? prices internally and support the prevention of rapid 'disinflation' in bordering countries. 1/5 of the telecom infrastructure would also be sufficient as a tool that their NRA can have to support regulation and prevent prize squeezes.


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well put Andrew !

by Oz_Media In reply to Eesti Telekom!

You really said a mouthful, and a well said mouthful too. I have worked in telecomm off and on since 95 and couldn't agree with you more.
It's almost like the mess that heppened when the US deregulated telecom and simply opened it up to anyone with a DMS250. What a mess that was, I ran call centres for AT&T, STN and Bell before working as a quality assurance manager for sprint.
The Candian market fell close but not too bad, probably closer to the Eastern European government sell offs.

Great topic, too bad it isn't well responded.

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