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    Election eve Yuk ….


    by jardinier ·

    By Drover’s Dog.

    Good afternoon, children. This is Mr Right, he?s a senior official with the US government who is visiting Australia and he has kindly offered to answer any questions we might have about the US elections.

    Say ?good afternoon, Mr Right.?

    ?Good Afternoon, Mr Right.?

    ?Thank you, children. I?m happy to be here.
    Now then, Jeremy, can you tell us when the American election is taking place?

    January? No, I think you are thinking about Iraq, we have all seen lots of stories about the new democratic elections that are going to be held in Iraq in the New Year….

    Well, yes, Susan, we hope they are going to be held in the New Year. The Americans are working very hard to make sure those elections take place, and of course our own Australian troops are helping too.

    Now, Michael, I don?t think we want to start discussing whether America is going to introduce conscription — no, we are not talking about whether America is running out of soldiers, Michael, we are here to talk about the US election.

    Annabel, can you tell us why the US elections are so important?

    Well, yes, it does give them a chance to … well, to vote Mr Bush out of office.

    Don?t you think it is important that the most powerful nation on earth is a democracy? In Australia, anyone can become prime minister. In the United States, any ordinary person can become President. Who can name the two people running for president of the United States? What do you mean, they are not ordinary people?

    Yes, David, they are both millionaires. Actually, they are probably multi-millionaires. Well, let?s say they have two very ordinary
    multi-millionaires running for president.

    OK, let?s see, what about you, Margaret, can you tell us how they are going to choose the president?

    No, it is not all the votes, Margaret, they have only lost some of them, and I think they are only in Florida.

    Very good, Michael, yes indeed, there was a little problem with the voting in Florida last time, too. And yes, I do believe Florida is
    run by the president?s brother.

    Quite right, George Bush?s father was also president. No, he didn?t inherit the throne, America is a democracy, remember? No, don?t
    know what the chances are of father and son both getting elected president in a genuinely democratic society of 294 million people.

    Angela, you are good at maths, what …. the chances of that happening must be somewhere between nought and zero? Oh, I don?t think that can be quite right, dear.

    No, Belinda, George W Bush was not elected because his Daddy was a Supreme Court judge. He was elected because the judges his Daddy
    appointed said he was elected, that?s not quite the same thing.

    Now, Tom, you have a question for Mr Right? Yes? Good. Will there be United Nations observers sent to America to monitor the elections and see that they are free and fair? Well, I think we will let Mr Right answer that.

    [? The Drover’s Dog is copyright and must not be sold or redistributed for commercial purposes.]

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      Humorous yes, but….

      by gbrownlee ·

      In reply to Election eve Yuk ….

      Also a sobering look at the darker side of so-called democracies.

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        Well as we say over here

        by hal 9000 ·

        In reply to Humorous yes, but….

        It doesn’t really matter who wins as we only know that it will be a Politician who gets into Power!


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      Julian? Is there a link to this article?

      by mlandis ·

      In reply to Election eve Yuk ….

      I only did a cursory Google search, and got references to other writings, but no articles. I would be interested in reading other articles by The Drover’s Dog. I encountered another site that I’ll read when I have time. “The Scum at the Top” have you heard of them?

      My husband is gone to Colorado to be a poll monitor, and I would prefer to send him a link if possible.


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