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Electric Dog Collar

By Tink! ·
I want to get a remote training collar for our 8 month old black lab, Rose. We want to be able to take her in the yard without a leash but it will be a while before we can afford a fence.

I've seen on Ebay these collars that are supposed to be more humane than the electric shock ones because they emit an ultrasonic sound instead. I was wondering if any of you have used these before? How do they work? Wouldn't neighboring dogs be affected too? Are they effective?

Or should I go with the electric collars that emit a warning sound to the dog before they are shocked, allowing them to learn that the sound means they are in the wrong?

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Both work effectively

by mjd420nova In reply to Electric Dog Collar

Both the shock type and the ultra-sonics work very well, The shock type is the quickest, and will also work well for a barking dog too. Ultra-sonics do a good job, but you can't really tell if it's working in most cases. These are only training tools, once the animal gets it in their mind where the boundaries are, problem solved. You can tell if it worked when you put them on a leash and begin to get close to the boundary. The animal will shy at first, but soon realizes that it's safe to exit the area if they are on a leash.

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it depends alot on your dog's personal traits

by fungus-among-us In reply to Both work effectively

I have not had any luck with any of the ultra-sonic training aids. All but one of my dogs (a 3 year old female sheltie - the "wuss") completely ignore the sonic method. They ALL (13 year old male Whippet, 9 month old male boxer, 1 year old female Akita and the aforementioned sheltie) have responded very well and have learned their boundries with the wireless electric fence system (petsafe). I used to own an innotek in ground electric fence system, but buring wire around their "zone" was a HUGE undertaking

I've also tried the bark control collars that spray citronella when activated. Useless.. and the boxer wanted to EAT all the collars.

Whichever system you use, make sure to follow the training guide. The reason I chose the "wireless" system, was because the coverage area can be "adjusted".

Good luck.

P.S. All shock collars have a warning beep feature that will alert the animal when they are too close to the edge, now that they have learned their boundries, I have all the collars set to "beep only"... except for the Boxer puppy, who recently went from medium shock to maximum shock level.

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what brand

by Tink! In reply to it depends alot on your d ...

do you recommend in the remote shock collar?

I want adjustable settings and a remote control.

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They work great

by Sabrerich In reply to Electric Dog Collar

I have a giant schnauzer and started him on the electric collar around that age. It only take a few times getting zapped for them to learn. I also have a remote control unit that can beep him or shock him at 4 different levels. The collar will beep a warning tone prior to giving a shock so he has time to move away from the border.I can let him out with out the collar on and he will not go beyond the boundaries.

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Ours can do both.

by X-MarCap In reply to Electric Dog Collar

If you hit one you get a beep, 2 beep & mild shock. 3 loud beep & significant shock. 4 a loud scream & my rottweiler will flat out have loose bowels.

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