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Email problem

By kelatm ·

I'm writing an application with VB6 to send an email using groupwise and crashes when running on Windows XP but runs smoothly on Windows 98. How can I resolve this.

The code is :

Set GWApplication = CreateObject("NovellGroupwareSession)
Set RootAccount = GWApplication.login("address","password") --this is where it crashes

Thanks in advance

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by Jaqui In reply to Email problem

I've never heard of the bombs package, who makes it and where did you get it?

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Company in Leeds

by neilb@uk In reply to odd

over here in the UK.

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ahh that explains it.

by Jaqui In reply to Company in Leeds

but can ya tell me what you need to use a bomb for in the program?

isn't the idea to write code that works and is bug free?

gods... how bad a bug is it if you call it a bomb?

does it destroy hardware?!?!?!?

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Two things to check

by beads In reply to Email problem

Since this is essentially VBScript. I think you need to check for the client, in this case XP, which is obviously passing information differently than 98 and set it to something more neutral. Its escaping me but let me dig out a scripting book to find exactly what I am looking for information wise. I just can't place it off the top of my head but it should be there.

The other thing to check in GW would be permissions to pass post 2000 information as SMTP. Usually, this would be the other way around with passing pre-2000 variables. Check to be sure that the machine itself is allowed to pass SMTP. This can happen with Notes as well. This is a first for me.

Its been 10+ years since I have used GroupWise but even back then I loved the product over Exchange. LOL!

- beads

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e-mail problem

by CgMcCarthy In reply to Email problem

Which version of GW on 98 & XP?

Do you have Novell's SDK for the particular versions?

If you already have the SDK's then you know that the documentation is not 100%. According to most of the documentation, all properties, methods, settings and objects are readonly. Thats not generally correct. Most of the ones that you would think are writable, are but its a hit/miss effort.

What worked in GW 4.x works differently in GW 6.x?

I did have that working once, I think there was something about selecting a Profile. I'll have to dig it out but it was a while ago.

We just switched to exchange/outlook as well. (BHABW).

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