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Email promotions help

By aronya1 ·
I'm looking for some input on how to do email promotions for a client. Can anyone suggest an application that will allow me to mail to a list from my home PC, without ticking off my ISP? Initial mailings will be fairly small, but in the future, who knows?, so it should be able to handle sizeable lists.

I'm also interested in learning how to bill for this type of work. Per email sent? Per delivered? What's the usual rate?

Any help would be appreciated.

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You need to clarify

by road-dog In reply to Email promotions help

If this is a communication to clients with a pre-existing relationship or SPAM. When you say promotion, I'm thinking SPAM....

And I:

Don't like SPAM
Don't like spammers
Don't help spammers
Don't think anyone else here does either....

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Is there a better name?

by aronya1 In reply to You need to clarify

No SPAM, as far as I know.

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Use a name like:

by road-dog In reply to Is there a better name?

Periodic customer notification

Customer newsletter

Preferred customer promotion

Anything that would state that this is not an unsolicited email would work better than the generic 'promotion' moniker.

Anything that even REMOTELY sounds like spam will get you fuel/air bombed here.

try asking your ISP specifics about their acceptable use policy. If you are using a list compiled from your own customer list, than they may not have a problem or will charge a reasonable fee.

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Point taken

by aronya1 In reply to Use a name like:

Thanks for that.

Any input on what/how to charge?

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Opt In Lists

by generalist In reply to Email promotions help

Unless you are working off an Opt-In list created by the client, you probably don't have enough leeway in your ISP email account to do the type of mailing necessary to generate enough business.

Bulk junk mail response rates are extremely low. Junk email responses are even worse.

You could end up doing your client more harm than good if you alienate potential customers with spam.

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by aronya1 In reply to Opt In Lists

I'm in complete agreement. You guys are preaching to the choir here.

To the best of my knowledge, the client will be mailing to existing customers, but I don't have any specifics, yet. Our first meeting on the subject will be next week, and I'm looking for some input from others who have experience in this area.

I can pick up software all over the place, and they all sound pretty much the same. That's not even my major concern. I really need some guidance in terms of billing. I don't want to charge so much that the client runs away screaming, but I don't want to give away the farm, either.

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