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Emery - grudgingly accepts plea bargain

By Oz_Media ·
Marc Emery has agreed to accept a plea bargain and remain in Canada to serve his 5 proposed 5 year term, as opposed to extradition to the US for a much longer term.

The catalyst for this choice was urging by his lawyer's that his partners would also not face extradition and life sentences for working in administrative roles at the Vancouver seed bank.

Despite Canada having no law against the sale of seed, his running a forthright and open business in Downtown Vancouver, paying $600,000 in above board taxes to the Canadian government. US and Canadian police raided his store and arrested him to await extradition to the US for selling seeds into the US.

Seeds are easily bought on line and shipped from countless sources around the world into the US daily. However they have to make an example of someone, so why not Vancouver's Prince of Pot.

Knowing their actions would hardly impede him, they arrested his two partners and THAT was the straw that broke the camel's back.

the extradition issue really crystallized conservative Canadians who don't care about marijuana legalization per se but grabbed a hold of the flagrant breach of sovereignty which occurred when the DEA-led campaign arrested Marc, followed by the extradition attempts. Trying to take a Canadian to be tried in the US on US charges!?!?! Asinine indeed and most of Canada agreed.



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Am I the only one who has no recognition of this person?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Emery - grudgingly accept ...

Context, please. These links are to source material over two years old. Why dig this up now? What's the relevance?

Heck, here he'd already be out on parole by now.

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Hey Palmy

by Shellbot In reply to Am I the only one who has ...

I see the thread with your seminars has been removed already..
typical..the first time i post in a thread in like a month and it gets pulled..

* sigh *
no one lets me have any fun anymore...

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Oh, my

by santeewelding In reply to Emery - grudgingly accept ...

I, too, would be incensed, outraged, and beside myself were the supplier of my garden vegetable seeds arrested and locked up.

That is what this is about, isn't it?

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May as well be

by Oz_Media In reply to Oh, my

Being arrested in Canada for a crime that is not a crime here is pretty much the same as being locked up in the US for growing tomatoes.

I equate it to gun laws.

Let's say Canada's RCMP went to the US and wanted someone arrested for keeping a gun under his store counter, as it did not comply with CANADIAN gun registration laws. Would you accept US police arresting him at his store and his facing either extradition to Canada for trial or being punished in the US for a completely legal firearm? Not only that but facing a sentence more extreme than a homicide case?

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Are you speaking of

by santeewelding In reply to May as well be

The homicidal rage and gunfire ensuing upon my attempted arrest?

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not quite

by Oz_Media In reply to Are you speaking of

I am talking about raiding your place of business, even though you are not there, arresting your coworkers and demanding your extradition.

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I am always here

by santeewelding In reply to not quite

And, they are not my coworkers. Workers are under me. Before you so much as try to address them, you go through me, first. That has always been my promise to them.

Going through me, first, will be a tribulation, I promise.

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and that wassupposed to be a clever reply?

by Oz_Media In reply to I am always here

Hypothetical:conjectural; supposed; theoretical
In addition to operating several retail locations, a publishng company and an Internet TV station in Vancouver, he also operates in the political field and helps provide legal (political and financial) support to others all over Canada. He doesn't have th luxury of sitting in one place, just as most business owners, at a similar level of business operations don't either. We aren't talking about small business.

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Four times "you" and "your"

by santeewelding In reply to and that wassupposed to b ...

Forgive me for thinking you spoke to me.

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I was speaking about you

by Oz_Media In reply to and that wassupposed to b ...

As I don't know about you or your business, of course the comment was hypothetical. Hypothesis works when in direct reference also.

"What if, 'you' were walking to work one day and got run over by a bus, would 'you' feel their insurance should cover it?"

'I don't walk to work.'

"So, what if?"

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