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"Emotional Trifecta" in play

By Mickster269 ·
Some of you might have read my missive about my Dad and Grandmother... that was Friday.

Today (Tuesday), I came to work, and found out the Corperate Wonks were coming down. (I'm sure many of you hear the impending drums).

Seems as if, the Corperation is losing money, so they are consolidating operations. You guessed it... They fired the whole lot of us as a "Cost saving" procedure. Gonna streamline operations and all that.

So, technically, I am unemployed at the moment.


Ok, now the levity starts.

Part of our severance package is that they will pay us for all of our vacation time and sick days. Which, Accounting reset as of Janurary 1st.
So, I'm getting 3 weeks of vacation pay, 1 week of sick pay, plus the 4 weeks of regular pay as a settlement package. Had they fired us last friday, I would only be getting 4 weeks regular pay.

Now, it gets better. They offered our two lead programmers (who wrote the programs they want to use) a chance to relocate, and stay with the company. They both told them they weren't interested. They quit, leaving them (the corp) with no one that knows the code to the programs.
If anything goes wrong with the code for our programs, THIER programmers are gonna have to search thru lines of code to determine the error.

They didn't bother to get our customer list. So they don't know who is using the programs.

They neglected to get the passwords to our software, our computers, our servers, our websites, etc, before they did this. *I* am the keeper of all of those. But I don't work for THEM anymore. ::gosh, where DID I put those list?::

I am also the Registered Owner of all the sites they want to take over... You can see where that is going.

So, bottom line... Relatives die, get fired from job...

Too bad I'm not married or seeing anyone. I coulda hit the Trifecta, and scored some Major Karma points.

I'd be crying if I wasn't laughing at all of this. I just want to know, what Major Diety did *I* **** off?

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by BFilmFan In reply to "Emotional Trifecta" in p ...

You are having a run of bad luck sir. Sorry to hear of all the issues.

On the bright side, if the company does contact you, inform them that you are not an employee any longer and you will be glad to assist them in gathering information on their environment at $250 an hour with a minimum billing time of 520 hours (it will take you 3 months to gather the information) and payment must be in advance for a total of $130,000.00 dollars (US).

While some will see this as blackmail or extortion, my viewpoint is that a company which lays off individuals without gathering this information is simply asking for someone to charge them to develop it.

Absolutely do NOT assist your former organization for free no matter what your personal feelings. This is business and the motto to live by in business is:

In God we trust. All others pay cash.

Best of luck on your future endeavours.

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I know you were joking

by JamesRL In reply to Dayum!

I would suggest realistically that you offer to work on contract for them. Not at some outrageous rate, but something reasonable, and of course, not if they would neagtively impact your severence.

But offer to create documents for them that will help them continue on - and do it well, as your exclusive task without doing any of the day to day stuff you used to do.

I feel for you. Good luck.


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Consultants fees

by jdclyde In reply to I know you were joking

Remember consultants charge about $150 an hour to come in and fix whatever it was you broke.

Why do they charge that much?

1) Because they can

2) To make up for the time that they are not billing customers

Do NOT do this for a "reasonable fee" as them throwing you out the door has shown they have no loyalty to you. This means you are stupid if you show loyalty to them.

$150 per hour, to document the system with passwords being last and at least a week to do it. Otherwise, let them pay their techs to perform password recoveries on everything and much more time to recreate from scratch what you already know.

You might make a list of things that they didn't think about in this move as a selling point, but DON'T GIVE THEM THAT LIST!

Oh yeah, don't forget to get all your joke files off of your pc at work along with the 10 gigs of MP3's you have on the server!

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Consultant Fees

by BFilmFan In reply to I know you were joking

Actually I wasn't joking in the least on the rate. To have some independent service organization come in and perform the work, it will cost well beyond $250 an hour to recover the data.

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If some Major Deity is trying to tell you something. . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to "Emotional Trifecta" in p ...

.'s not that you've pissed anybody off.

You've not only seen, but experienced the lesson that life is very short and unpredictable; you can't always rely on others to secure your life, your livelihood and/or your future, and perhaps taking more control yourself is the best option; and that people are often faced with changes and choices that drastically change the course of their lives.

You can either face tomorrow as an obstacle or an opportunity, whichever you choose. And I will absolutely guarantee you that the opportunities are presenting themselves exponentially more so than any obstacles that might be blocking your vision. I might also add that one of the opportunities is the one to do the right thing concerning the lists, passwords, registrations, and such. You'll never regret doing the right thing. You'll never regret chasing your dreams.

Some people choose to make life-altering decisions. Others are, more or less, forced into it. The Major Deity of whom you speak isn't cursing you, but rather tapping you on the shoulder reminding you of some things, one of which is that you now have a golden opportunity to _________.

Make the most of it. And focus on those things that can make a positive difference in your life.

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Be true to yourself

by DC Guy In reply to "Emotional Trifecta" in p ...

Never concern yourself with what the other guy is making off of a business deal or what it's costing him. That's his decision. Just make sure you're making what's right for you.

These people are not just unethical, they are flat-out STUPID! You don't say how big the company is. If it's very large and it's got people like this in positions of authority it's going to make a big crashing sound soon. If it's not so big you'll just hear some people whimpering.

So whatever you do, don't put yourself in a position where they owe you a lot of money. They could very easily become insolvent. They need you pretty badly, so they should be willing to give you an advance. If not, then that's a further illustration of how stupid they are and/or that they already have a cash flow problem. Red flag!

As for pissing off "dieties," well almost everybody gets pissed off when you misspell their name. :)

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