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    Epson Stylus 740


    by ammar ô¿ô ·

    Does the Epson Stylus 740 have network capabilities so that two computers can print to it?

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      Epson Stylus 740

      by hectop ·

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      There are a couple of ways to handle 2 computers printing to one printer:
      1) use a switch box – manual intervention required.

      2) share the computer on the printer it’s connected to. This assumes that the 2 computers are currently connected on aLAN of some sort.

      3) use a print server (i.e. HP JetDirect JX170). Again this assumes that the 2 computes are on a LAN

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      Epson Stylus 740

      by bstei18 ·

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      This is the same as the 660. You would need to folow the instructions given in answer one. I you want an Epson Inkjet printer with networking capabilities you need to start with the 850Ne. This one is supports TCP/IP, Netware, and Appletalk.

      Go here to get some information on Epson Printers.

      Good Luck.

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