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    Error message starting last night


    by mpd881 ·

    I have two machines and work (that I know about) and one machine at home that have been getting a generic error since last night some time. All it says in a dialog box with a red ‘x’ is “An unknown error has occured” and has an ‘ok’ box at the bottom. Click ok and everything works fine. I updated my virus defs and scanned for them and nothing. It occured on two WinXP SP1 machines and one Win98 machine. Anyone else have the same problem?

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      by nethelp ·

      In reply to Error message starting last night

      Try downloading Adaware and running that from Be sure to update it before you run it.

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        Double up

        by razz2 ·

        In reply to Adaware

        I always scan with Adaware,Spybot S & D, and an online virus scan like HouseCall from Trend or the Symantec security check. Then, check all possible startup locations sucj as using msconfig, registry editor, services. Look at event logs on XP boxes. Also, you may want to run hijackthis. It is overkill but if you are gonna take time to clean the things then make sure they are clean all the way.

        If all that and it still happens then see about a process logger and try to track it down. Systernals has some for free.

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      Error Message “could not start event logger”

      by mhshafi ·

      In reply to Error message starting last night

      from last night when i log on to windows 2000 pro it gives an error message like, ” error on the top and a message saying could not start event logger and then nothing appears on the screen no destop no icons no start button no nothing”. itsa not the same problem you are having but might be some thing relating. do any one have the idea what went wrong or i have to re install the OS.

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