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By Tink! ·
Anyone watching this new show?

I know there's other sci-fi geeks here. I thought the pilot was pretty good. The second episode wasn't bad, but parts were slightly predictable (to anyone who watches sci-fi stuff regularly)

What do you think?

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what show?

by Jaqui In reply to Eureka

flash powered website gives blank page.

and the new season / shows don't hit up here until September.

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by Tink! In reply to what show?

Not sure why the page isn't working for you. Works fine when I use it.

Ah well, if you're curious you can just go to and you can check it out. The name of the show is actually Eureka.

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I know why

by Jaqui In reply to weird


that's why I get a blank page., same thing.
flash content.

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I love it

by Mickster269 In reply to Eureka

It has a subtle sense of humor to it. I don't know how accurate it is to Real Life Science. But to me, I don't care.

It's kinda like my daily life- sometimes I will speak tecno-ese to someone who has no clue to what I'm saying, other times I'll have to have something translated into "Everyday" speech.

But it's good for a laugh, and at least it's a NEW idea for a TV show.

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I wish I could

by mjd420nova In reply to Eureka

I don't get the SCIFI channel on this extended basic cable hookup I'm on now. Fifteen miles away it's on their lineup but not here. Moved two years ago and have missed scifi and speed channels since. I wouldn't even have the cable if it wasn't for the broadband internet. Not gonna pay double and get a dish as I have to have the extended to get the broadband as they can't lock them out individually. Or so they tell me. Lowest level of digital available is $105. monthly to start. That's all I need, another box on top of the entertainment control, and another remote.

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by zlitocook In reply to Eureka

I thought the show was lame. I could tell what was going on in the first ten minutes. The SCI-FI channel needs to do allot more in movie making.

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by 20905402864666492152529682118478-paadams In reply to Eureka

So far it's not to bad. I got it set to record on the DVR, and i'll continue to watch it unless it just gets really lame, cuz there isn't any thing else to watch on a tuesday until all the new seasons kick off in September-ish.

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It was amusing

by Maevinn In reply to Eureka

Not really pleased that some of the best stuff always is in the commercials, and agree, some of it was a bit pre-determined, but what the heck--it's one of the first new sci-fi shows that doesn't happen X years into the future. Has some of the same elements as the early X-files, before it turned into a soap opera for geeks. I'm with holding judgement until episode 5.

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'Bout time!

by MT Pilgrim In reply to Eureka

I've enjoyed sci-fi for more years than I like to think about these days. While the Sci-Fi Channel definitely has its share of "dogs" I must admit that I like the quirkiness of "Eureka." It shows (if you take the time to watch the character development...) a true side of "geekism" that has never been portrayed to any great extent on ANY screen. I can only hope that the producers, critics, et al will have the testicular fortitude to maintain this one.

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Theres also BSG

by ITGL72 In reply to 'Bout time!

I have recently started watching sci-fi channel although I am no newbie to sci-fi shows/movies. I have caught very little of this show but might make a run at it with my TIVO.

I must say as far as sci-fi channel goes, the one show I have become hopelessly addicted to is their Battlestar Galactica I watched 3 episodes on re-run of their season 2 and wanted to know more about their original story line so I rented their mini series, and all the season 1,2 available episodes. Great effects, characters, and stories IMHO. Cant wait for season 3 in October.

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