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Even The Dull & Ignorant Have Something To Say:

By derryck ·
How could you avoid people who have nothing to say?

It depends on what your interpretation of 'nothing' means!

Even The Dull & Ignorant Have Something To Teach You!

However, in life there will always be people who just love to be heard, regardless of whether they have a story to tell. And they are those who crave attention at any cost. This is typical of American culture/society!

But in a work environment, there is the proverbial 'SHOP TALK' that people tend to indulge in. And this is evident even at the company's social gatherings.

So I usually tell people, if their is a formal affair or conference, and questions are asked, and comments made, that does not relate in any way to the topic under discussion. Then it would be polite to remind the questioner to stick to the topic in question, so as not to cause deviation, irrelevancies.

In informal (one on one) discussions, one could always ask to be excused, if the topic is boring or un-interesting!

Derryck S. Griffith.
Greenwich Village.
New York City.

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