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Ever been fired from a job?

By DMambo ·
I was thinking the other day about the 4 jobs I've had in my "professional" career; that is the jobs that I've held since striking out on my own 22 years ago. In three of these, I was evaluated highly and felt that I was doing excellent work.

However, in one placement, I lasted less that a year and left because I was fired. A quick background: in the job I left, the position I was in was required to rotate work shifts periodically, and I did not like the location. When my oldest kid was getting ready to hit school, I wanted to move to a better situation. I was in manufacturing management and took a job in as a Plant Manager in what was really a sweatshop.

Coming from a background of a dozen years working in a factory that made a high value consumer product with well-paid line workers to a sh!thole with a minimum-wage crew and a broken down infrastructure, I really wasn't prepared. I basically took the job because it was located in an area that I thought would be nice and it was the first offer I got. I think I also mis-read the owner's desires in a manager, and I'm not really a kick-*** type of guy.

Well, in the end, about 10-months into it, I was canned. It was a bad fit right from the start. Looking back, I realize that it was for the best. I was NOT happy there and the next job that I took, for my present employer, was what lead me to IT. Eight years later, I think it was the best move I could have made, but I will admit that good fortune and good timing played a large part in the whole story.

Anybody else out there been sacked for poor performance? How did it turn out in the long run? Did your situation help or hurt your career, financial or living situation?

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Bad Fit

by Tig2 In reply to Ever been fired from a jo ...

I was in a role at one point that was just the wrong fit. I communicated my feeling about this to my supervisor as well as to th eclient and detailed why I felt that the role should not continue. It was much easier because it was a contract role and I think what helped was my willingness to look for solutions rather than complain about the problems. We found tasks that I could be successful in and sought a replacement. What the client decided to do in the end was to post the role as an FTE which would have disqualified me anyway- non compete and all that.

I did some work in that job that I am very proud of. Because of the state of IT at the time, it wasn't easy to find another role but I made it. Regardless, I think I did the right thing. It would not have served anyone for me to hav ekept trying to work in a role that I was a poor fit for.

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Make Way for the Boss' Son

by thim In reply to Bad Fit

I wasn't actually fired from the job.

I was given the "walking certificate" and told by the boss that my service is no longer required, 7 months after serving the company, which is a family business.

I discovered that the boss' son who had just graduated couldn't find a job elsewhere....and I had to leave to make way for another family member. About 90% of the staff are the boss' family....the wife, 2 sons, a younger sister, an elder brother and an elder sister. Its only fair that the boss wants to keep the business within the family.

I left the company graciously, but as a parting shot....told the boss that I've done my best in my job and that whoever takes over my duties could do so smoothly with whatever I have contributed and the work I had completed.

Its time to move on; according to God's design.

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Poor performance or other reasons....

by JamesRL In reply to Ever been fired from a jo ...

My first computing job, over 20 years ago, was with a startup computing company that made development tools for COBOL.

When I started the job, the initial offer was low, lower than I had been lead to believe by my friend at the company who had got me the interview - I was going to work in his department. When I asked at the final interview about the discrepency, they suggested that the company was starting out, revenues were low, and once the business picked up they would be making adjustments. Naive as I was back then, I took the job with that idea in mind.

After two years, the revenue and profitability had improved greatly - I know, I was posting the monthly sales numbers. So at my review discussion with the head of HR, when presented with the standard raise, which was exactly the of inflation rate, I protested, politely.

This basically raised the ire of the HR manager and the president. So they looked for reasons to fire me. They couldn't find any. They tried to humilate me, by making an admin assistant (secretary in those days)my supervisor. She saw how hard I was working (60 hours weeks, no OT) and how productive I was, and she became my ally. She would tell me when they asked her about firing me, and she would tell them there were not any grounds.

Eventually after 6 months, there were 2 down trending months in sales in a row. They then decided it was grounds to lay me off. The VP of sales who did the layoff told me it was the best thing that could happen to me, and that he would be happy to provide great references. And he was right.

I was fired as a sales person for not making enough sales. That place was a bit of a revolving door. I was more at home being a "consultative" sales person as opposed to a hard closer. I was told I was too technical. I took the hint, and never did another pure sales job again.


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Wrong person for the job

by DMambo In reply to Poor performance or other ...

Tigger and James, you give good examples of working in a job that doesn't suit your style or personality. That's the main issues I had in my firing. I was simply the wrong person. I freely admit that I did a terrible job based on what the owner wanted me to do. If I walked in a week before I got fired and sent 5 or 10 others packing, I could have survived longer. It probably should have been done, but I wasn't the guy to do it.

Despite all the worry and feelings of rejection following being canned, it was actually a relief. I hated the job, working for that boss and didn't enjoy dealing with too many of the folks there. By the next morning, I was happy to be gone. To his credit, the boss paid me 8 weeks severence. I think he felt that my situation was nearly as much his fault as mine. I found another job before the severence ran out.

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by vivekgana In reply to Wrong person for the job
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Constructive dismissal and others...

by heml0ck In reply to Ever been fired from a jo ...

When I landed my first fulltime position in IT, I worked for a software development firm her in town as the senior pc tech. I've been playing with pc's for years, and built my first 386 out of a box of spare parts, no previous training and/or instruction.

18 months months later, I was "promoted" to an application support position for which (in hindsight) I was completely un-qualified, and which ultimately lead to my dismissal five months later. (Of course, telling off my managing VP had </i>nothing</i> to do with it!<sarcasm&gt

In a previous life, I was sacked four times as the sous chef of a large restaurant. The owner discovered I was "keeping company" with his ex, and fired me.
(I swear, I didn't know she was his ex!)

The problem was, my replacement wasn't up to the job, so the executive chef called me back. I hit him up for more money, and he agreed. Train my so called replacement, and a month later, WHAM! Sacked again! Replacement not up to the job, cycle repeats another three times.

Finally, after doubling my wage, almost becoming an alcoholic, and getting stressed beyond belief, when the phone rang the fifth time, I didn't answer.....

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Unfortunate end to long-term employment

by oldbag In reply to Ever been fired from a jo ...

For nearly 18 years, I worked for a Computer Services company in Technical Support. Over that time, I had held several positions, eventually working up to be second tier support in my local office. My performance appraisals were always good and I was praised for my knowledge and creativity in finding solutions to the client's concerns.

Unfortunately, I developed severe Bilateral Repetitive Strain Injury (Carpal Tunnel and Tennis Elbow in both arms). This was extremely painful and forced me to slow down. Even though I attempted to change positions within the company so that I could continue to contribute, my attempts to transfer to another department were blocked for any number of reasons (including 'scaring off' another manager because of my physical disability and just plain competition among managers). My performance appraisals began to suffer because my productivity was suffering. As my condition deteriorated, management began to look at me as a liability instead of an asset especially since there were others in Tech support that saw me having problems and started to ask questions about my condition and what the future may hold for them.

As a Canadian, I was covered by WSIB (Workplace Safety Insurance Board) or comp as some may know it. Eventually, I was declared permanently disabled by comp. The law here is that an injured employee must be given modified duties. Because I worked in a Canadian office of a major US firm, head office was not pleased. I was told that there was no job available that could accommodate me and suddenly I was unemployed.

WSIB sent me for skills upgrading and paid for me to gain my MCSE certification. I was off work for 2 years. Unfortunately, a gap like that looks very bad on a resume and it took a while and a pay cut in order to secure employment. My salary is still not up to my former level and even though I generally enjoy my current position, I still think of what could have been.

By the way, WSIB charged back every cent they paid for my rehabilitation to my former employer. My case worker told me that they had been charged over 250K plus fines. I also sued the company for what Canadian law describes as ?constructive dismissal? and received a settlement on that.

I have seen some nasty comments on the discussion boards concerning Carpal Tunnel. Please let me assure you that I endured a lot of pain because of my condition and still encounter bad days. Although some may try to fake it, I certainly did not. WSIB has since de-listed CTS and RSI as workplace injuries.

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I was fired from only one job. . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to Ever been fired from a jo ...

...a long time ago, way before IT, and before many of you were even born. And I deserved it. The only thing I wonder about, in hindsight, is what took them so long to do it! I would have fired me long before they fired me. That manager should have been fired for not firing me sooner!

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How'd that end up working out for you?

by DMambo In reply to I was fired from only one ...

From the sound of your post, I'd have to guess that you've gained some maturity since then

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Honesty time

by Bulletsponge In reply to I was fired from only one ...

I've been fired once also, and I too deserved it. This is the first time I've told anyone (Mom included). I was damn good at what I did and thought that made me invincible. I took several co-workers who were really close to getting fired themselves and straightened them out into highly productive team members. Re-designed several key parts of the networks we were installing, designed and documented back-up plans etc.
After awhile, I began to take my employment for granted. I was a Sh*t hot rockstar employee and the sector I was in took some pretty specific skill sets. I began to **** off directives from the boss', come in late and leave early, push the dress code right to the bleeding edge and beyond. I guess I burned to many bridges and they dropped me. Man, what a wake up call.
Lesson learned? You are NEVER irreplaceable!

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