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Ever just 'had' it with your boss?

By Shellbot ·
Its one thing to have a boss who is willing to learn and ask questions..its another thing to have one who assumes that when you work with "technology" the computer actually does the work.

Since my boss left a few months ago, i now report to a higher up director. She makes no effort to consider what my job actually involves.

So after a few times of her asking me to "find the time" to start documenting the database which she she had "previously mentioned", i got a bit annoyed...

Then i overheard her say to one of her peers that if i drop everything i should be able to get it done by the end of the week.

Hmm..yes..i'll get right on that mam. Thought.."right then, if you know so much..lets just show you soemthing"

Soooooo..downloaded Visio (great little tool by the way..its my new friend)..reverse engineered the database..created DB Diagram showing all linked tables, reference tables..etc etc..(you get the picture)

Then, i printed the whole diagram..(database has over 150 tables)..spent the afternoon taping the individual sheets together and then hung the thing on the wall. It takes up almost 1 entire wall of the office.

When she walked in later and exclaimed "mother of..what is that". I said, thats the database. In order to document it, i need to visualise it, because there are too many tables to remeber in my head. Now what i have to do is document each table and all items within the table, all relationships between the tables, etc etc..I think i lost her at Data Types...

Before she escaped me, i told her that as long as nothing else major got in the way, i should have the guts of it done by end of Oct..

Maybe i was a bit over the top..but i had to show her somehow that the pc does not actually do my work for me..

ANyone else ever had to "show" the boss what it actually takes to get the job done? ANy tips?

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Only once recently

by JamesRL In reply to Ever just 'had' it with y ...

My previous boss attended a meeting where one of her peers (Director level) stated that they were waiting on a document from us. She was suprised because I had stated that we had completed a draft and sent it out for review.

She called me - I was travelling - and proceeded to just crucify me, because she felt embarassed and uninformed. I felt so low - she really laid it into me.

I tried to explain the scenario to her but she was too angry to listen. After I hung up I took a long walk to cool off and contemplate things.

At the time, I had been in the job for 6 months and the job market sucked, so I decided to stick it out.

I did give her a little more detail as to exactly where we were - what was completed, what was waiting for feedback and who we were waiting on (people who worked for the director who started the whole thing, of course). I tried to explain - after we both had calmed down, next day - what the process was.

I did repair the relationship with the boss, and she was moved into another area. Now I have a boss a little more in tune with what I do and one who pushes me to do more. And my old boss still calls me into her office and asks me how its going - she considers me a friend.

One of the important questions to ask when given a task like that is why? Who is the audience? What level of detail do they need? What purpose does it serve? That will help you decide what kind of document you produce and how soon you should produce it.

There are always things that need documenting. Understanding what the relative importance of the task is key.

Hope that helps.


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by Dr_Zinj In reply to Only once recently

IT people stereotypically fail to cultivate the social aspects of the business environment. And it's arguably the most important part in that it enables everything else to be accomplished.

I applaud your taking the time to get over the emotional part and go back and rationally explain the situation to the 'oblivious' boss. Instead of an adversary for life, you now have a 'true beleiver' who is willing and eager to support you.

I'd call that a Win-Win situation.

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No choice

by JamesRL In reply to Connections...

Even though we are now on different teams, we still need to be able to work together and rely on each other.

I had to learn her strengths and failures and that she, like all of us is human.


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At one time in the late 90's

by w2ktechman In reply to Ever just 'had' it with y ...

I had a boss (in a small company) to whom, in his words, wanted me to do things on my own with little help. Then he had daily meetings in which I would detail everything that I worked on, and how/what I did to resolve. It was annoying, because I was ALWAYS wrong. So, he decided that I had to check with him before doing anything. Then when I did, I was not taking initiative, and should be able to do it on my own without checking. The circle went around like that for about 3 months. Then he decided to fire me because I never did 1 thing right the entire time I was there.
I was sooo releived when he took me to HR and told me I was being let go. It wasnt for another hour, on my way home when I realized that I needed to start looking for a job again (I hate that).
Funny thing, 2 weeks with my replacement, I was called and asked if I wanted to come back as the new guy was worse than me..... Guess what I told him?

I moved on and havent wanted to be in a similar situation since.

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The Late 90's Was an Interesting Time

by Too Old For IT In reply to At one time in the late 9 ...

I had a boss (SCO-UNIX guy) Who micro-managed everything. God forbid you come up with a new idea (like Dreamweaver to replace vi as a web page editor). His stock response? "Why would anyone want to do that??" which of course was code for "I don't want to learn anything new/do anything besides code in C using vi."

Take junk burned out parts to the trash? You were stealing from the company. Use a trashbag in a trashcan? You were stealing from the company.

I think he took it as a personal insult when my cardiologist said I wasn't having a massive heart attack, just workplace stress. Maybe using the health plan was stealing from the company as well.

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I worked for another

by NickNielsen In reply to The Late 90's Was an Inte ...

I had a boss in the Air Force who was a "hands-on" manager. He was the Ops Superintendent, I was the Logistics NCO. He required a "daily summary" each morning: a comprehensive plan, with justification for each action, of everything I and my subordinates would do that day. He also wanted periodic updates during the day to ensure we were adhering to the plan.

He once told me my management style was deficient because I assigned tasks to my subordinates without providing precise instructions for completing those tasks. I also had to ask my people exactly what they were doing when he wanted information. He would ask "What's Bill working on?" and I would reply "We've got a broken radio; he's checking this function." "No, what module is he working on in the radio? Are you sure it's what is broken?"

We finally figured out that if we overloaded him with information, he would take it for about 5 minutes, then just walk away. He got promoted by default (small career field, only eligible) and, I think, divorced at about the same time. The promotion, thankfully, got him reassigned.

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In early 2k

by w2ktechman In reply to The Late 90's Was an Inte ...

I had a manager (prefer this term instead of boss), that was pretty lenient. But, we were a contracting agency for a large corp. Usually, the corp would not be too bad to work for, but whenever something big was going on (like a virus) they would micro manage the crap out of us. 2-3 times a day for an update, I had to know who was working on what any time they called. They wanted specifics, like what computer/server was being fixed, what the progress of it was, who managed the computer/server (a lot were under the desk servers), etc., etc..
I could not do anything except keep tabs on people, and we had less productivity because of it. Not only that, the entire 14 person staff was totally stressed until the problem(s) were resolved.
Sometimes, when the wrong person is in charge, they hinder everything. I guess by definition that these managers retard everything, or are retarded/retarding.

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i like..

by Shellbot In reply to In early 2k

<i>Sometimes, when the wrong person is in charge, they hinder everything. I guess by definition that these managers retard everything, or are retarded/retarding.</i><br><br>

nice thought to keep in my head when the day has gone to Hades in a handbasket :)
<i>edited for html tags gone mad</i>

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I'm stealing your text!

by jmgarvin In reply to In early 2k

"I guess by definition that these managers retard everything, or are retarded/retarding."

Classic! I think I'm going to make a demotivational poster with this nugget!

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Excellent... Please share it

by w2ktechman In reply to I'm stealing your text!

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