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Ever wonder what determines "top 100 Members"?

By jdclyde ·
Ever wonder what determines "top 100 Members"?
I did the other day when someone told me I was at the Number One slot. Down to Number Three by the time I looked, and the Number one member was someone I had never even heard of before?

So I go to look at who the "Top Member" is and just what the top member is up to.

Never posted in a discussion?
Never posted in a TQ&A?

How is this the Numero Uno Member?

Oh, because he linked to a bunch of short external blogs?

Well, Ok, lets see what he has to say in the external blogs. Shoot, they are all between three to five lines long, and none of them are in English. To make matters worse, he looks like one of those "MAC" guys? Oh the humanity......

Well, anyways, Congrats ernestoe of Miami Florida on obtaining the Number One member rating for TR! Somehow I had expected something different from the #1. Ah well. B-)

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give him some groupies

by Dr Dij In reply to Ever wonder what determin ...

maybe you could creep him out by putting him on your contact list, so he knows you're a stalker.

If he annoys you, the new law lets you put him in jail. I'm sure Max would spring for baloney sandwiches and a cot in a tent in AZ desert for him for the rest of his life.

I noticed that some question askers would give ridiculous amounts of points with made up questions to become '#1'. Oh well, does it really matter? Their bogusness will show up somehow. I'm sure my karma will run over their dogma someday..

Did you know why the average driver in Miami is looking distracted at a stoplight?
his pitbull just knocked his cocaine onto his sub-machine gun :)

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And here I thought

by jdclyde In reply to give him some groupies

it was because they forgot they were driving?

florida = OLD :^O

I actually did had him as a contact to see what he had to say as "#1" before I realized all he was doing was pulling in external one liners that I couldn't even read.

I just thought it was interesting on just what it is that determines your "ranking". It seems it is weighted in favor of blogging, as that must be where they want people to focus?

Giving away points, that is like in the old daze when I used to work in a gas station. Some stations had started putting in those air pumps that you had to pump quarters into for them to run.

People would come in and ask "Do you have free air"?

My relpy was always "Sure! Breath all you want!"

Your Karma doesn't seem to be holding it's own though. For your karma to raise you up the ranking, does that mean someone elses karma has to fade or yours just wins out?

Either way, #76 is respectable.... (cough cough, choke choke, snicker snicker....)

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I have a better ranking:

by Dr Dij In reply to And here I thought

Wow, didn't even realize they had such a thing, had to search for it. Well.. I go for quality over quantity, but..

my website at one point was #542,376 most linked to or visited site (forget which). I better not give you the site, don't want the rankings to go up :)

I am however on top (no pun intended) with my gal, am #1. All I need.. (not meant to rub in your divorce ..)

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rubbing on top

by jdclyde In reply to I have a better ranking:

dating again, so you weren't the only one on top this weekend!

Life is good.

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I have been ..

by stargazerr In reply to And here I thought

slipping down the top 100 .. The sales guys are being more annoying than usual...

But I ahve never really found out what makes the top 100 ... There was a time when I had no idea who the top 6 guys were .. except you when you were at #3 ...

What do you think will be more effective to get a better standing?? My Tank or my swiss account??


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The way I understand it

by jdclyde In reply to I have been ..

Jay likes CASH! Cold Cash = favorable rankings.

I must have been late on my last payment! ;\

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You mean to tell me -

by Mickster269 In reply to Ever wonder what determin ...

All the bribes I have been sending to "The Trivia Geek" via paypal didn't give me a better standing???

Next thing you are gonna tell me is that he really DOESN'T have $17 million in an off-shore account that he quietly wants moved to the USA, and all those checks I have been cashing for him are bogus.


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More what I would expect

by jdclyde In reply to You mean to tell me -

out of Smorty!

How else can he finance his play room and all the toys in it?

I still want to try the "hack your couch"!

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Sounds like

You wanted that #1 spot pretty badly. May I ask why?

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Yes, you may ask....

by jdclyde In reply to Sounds like

but I don't have a good answer for you.

I don't even look at it, and had even forgot it even existed until someone told me congrats for being #1, so I had to go out and see what they were talking about.

I then figured this MIGHT be a good source for finding new information by watching the top members and was just surprised to see what the current #1 had to say and how they got that way.

I then found that looking at this list will NOT lead me to better information.

Thought it WAS interesting though, which is why I posted. Is that an acceptable answer?

I don't worry about site rankings or the tech points as I see that neither have any value.

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