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Everyone Vote to make ITgirl the next queen in IT

By Rolloverman ·
After reading some of itgirls replys i think we should make her our it queen

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Borg Queen

by Montgomery Gator In reply to Everyone Vote to make ITg ...

Would that be anything like the Borg Queen from Star Trek? :-)

ITGirli: Do you ever have the urge to assimilate entire civilizations?

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ITGirli does not ever have the urge to assimilate entire civilizations. . .

by maxwell edison In reply to Borg Queen

. least I wouldn't think so. She's not a Democrat!

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very true

by ITgirli In reply to ITGirli does not ever hav ...

Thank you for your support!

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Democrats should have a slogan

by maxwell edison In reply to very true

We are Democrats. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

There's a lot of similarities between the Democrats and the Borg, you know.

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And the Ori

by Montgomery Gator In reply to Democrats should have a s ...

The Democrats remind me of the Ori Priors on Stargate SG1. They think all must bow to their will to become their slaves, and don't understand why we would want to resist them.

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The Cardassians ...

by Too Old For IT In reply to And the Ori

They destroy your culture, pillage your lands, turn you into their slaves, turn your daughters into street ho's ...

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Only if you are Bajoran

by Montgomery Gator In reply to The Cardassians ...

I haven't heard about them doing that to any other culture. They just had it out for Bajor.

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by picmajik In reply to Democrats should have a s ...

Glad I'm not the only female non-Democrat in IT!
sorta in between Libertarian and Republican but (vote Republican due to lack of choice on the GA ballots)

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Max in a fit of self preservation today

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Democrats should have a s ...

I walked into the living room to see a DVD of Murphy Brown running so I thought that I could bear some of this show for a few hours until I realised that She Who Must Be Obeyed had the entire series out on DVD so I beat a hasty retreat into my den of Iniquity to run 8,000 + pages through an OCR program something that I've been putting off for months now but the last thing that I distinctly heard from that OLD TV Show was "The Republicans are in power there is going to be so much to expose them on." :)

I don't know how true it is and I really don't care but it was good for a laugh.

That will be the only bright spot for the next week or so while SWMBO is watching that series.

Col ]:)

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nukem' all!

by joetechsupport In reply to Max in a fit of self pres ...

Well, actually Your favourite republicans are in power and have been for most of the last century, so the pesky democrats or evil liberals couldn't have saved all that many people with health care.

And you have 18 Ohio Class Long Range Ballistic Missile Submarines; each of which have 24 trident SLBMS (each MIRVed with up to 12-475 kiloton warheads) with 6000 NM range. The other 4 Ohios only carry 24 SLBMs MIRVed with up to 8-100 kiloton warheads. And That's not all your nukes. Hiroshima was a single 12 kiloton.

So don't worry! No matter ho many bleeding hearts you think are plotting to save babies, whales, the air, our planet, our something equally meaningless to the bottom line, you can save the world from a fate worse than death by nuking it before they even get close. Feel better now?

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