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Exabyte - Tech Support

By sburner ·
Can anyone tell me what is going on with this company? We have been experiencing problems with our tape drive. The outside company that assists us with network administration informed me at the beginning of the week that Exabyte tech support has shutdown until July 8th. How can a company whose product performs a critical function in a business have their tech support just disappear.
I've personally attempt to access their website and it seems to have vaporized as well.

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company statement

by shiny_topadm In reply to Exabyte - Tech Support

Hi, on, they have posted the following statement:
"In observance of the 4th of July holiday, Exabyte's US operations will be closed for business from June 30 - July 4, 2003. We will reopen for business on the morning of Monday, July 7. This is a full company closure for US operations , and all phone and e-mail messages will be returned beginning Monday, July 7. We appreciate your ongoing support of Exabyte, and wish you a safe and happy July 4th holiday."

I think that tellsyou all, no mysterious goings on here! (except that if you get support directly from them, everything will wait until July 7). Good luck, I guess you should be glad it's not your whole system!


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WARNING , Will Robinson!

by timwalsh In reply to Exabyte - Tech Support


It may be time to start looking for other solutions!

While it may be nice to think that Exabyte is giving its employees an entire week off for the 4th of July as a magnanimous gesture, I bet employees aren't getting paid for this vacation. I think this is being done as a forced cost-cutting measure.

Exabyte is currently trading on NASDAQ at 10 cents a share, (way) down from a high of almost $40 a share in the early '90s. I fear this company-wide vacation is yet another sign of severe financial problems.

I found it interesting that in the Investor Relations section of the Exabyte website, they provide a tool that allows an investor to determine how much his $10,000 investment would be worth today if he invested that much on a certain date. The answers point to Exabytes financial instability:

Jan 5, 1990: (cost per share - $13.63)$ 10,000 investment worth $73.39 today

Jan 18, 1992: (cost per share - $39.38)$ 10,000 investment worth $25.40 todayWhile financial stability doesn't necessarily equate to product quality, it does have an effect on the viability of long-term support.

I'm not saying Exabyte makes bad products, but I do question their ability to keep providing the level of support business customers need.

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looks fine

by Cactus Pete In reply to Exabyte - Tech Support

I'm at their website now, and it looks fine.

As to their decision to close for a week, well, you wouldn't complain if it were your company, would you?

But I can understand your concerns. I guess it's a tough call...

If you're having hardware difficulties, perhaps a retail establishment can help you. Otherwise, they do have online support.

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