Excel 2003 - Font Color reverts to black in color when moving to a new cell

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When I change the font color of text to red or any color, and move over to another cell, the color automatically changes back to black in color. I have already repaired and reinstalled MS-Office, but it continues to change colors. Any help will be appreciated.


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by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Excel 2003 - Font Color r ...

Please forgive what may be a stupid question, but the issue description was unclear...

When you say that 'the font color changes back to black when you click another cell,' was the next cell that you click in previously formated for a the different font color?

So, in other words, you highlight a column or row, change the font color to red with that row or column still highlighted and then later click within that previously formated column or row and the font changes back to black?

The reason I ask this is because the normal behavior of the cells in an Excel spreadsheet is to default to the system's default font style and color (black) unless the cells properties are previously changed.

You can select individual cells for formatting by using the CTRL+click combo and you can format all the cells in an entire spreadsheet by clicking in the very upper right hand corner box to highlight the whole sheet.

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Excel 2003 - Font Color reverts to black in color when moving to a new cell

by In reply to Questions and Answers

Correct - when I select the text in one cell and change the color to RED, and then tab over to the next cell, the red colors change back to black. I will check the default settings as you suggested. Thanks for your reply.


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By your description...

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Excel 2003 - Font Color r ...

Excel is behaving exactly as designed.

If you "select the text in one cell and change the color to red, and then tab over to the next cell," then the font SHOULD change back to black. Because you have not formatted that cell to have the font color change.

Font color changes only apply to the text in the cell that is selected.

To have a font color change apply to more than one cell, you have to FIRST select the cells by highlighting them BEFORE typing any text, and THEN select the font color in the top tool bar. After that, any text you type into those particular cells will have the different color.

In addition, you can change the text already typed into existing cells by highlighting all the cells and then making the color or style change in the top tool bar.

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Mis-leading description.

by In reply to By your description...

Let me be more specific in my description.

I change the Text color in Cell A1 to RED and when I TAB to Cell B1 ----> The color in A1 changes back to BLACK. So after formatting the font / text color in a cell, the minute I move the cursor to another cell (any cell) the font changes back to BLACK.

Thanks for your help here. Randy

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by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Mis-leading description.

Is this occurring in all spreadsheets?
If in only one, is this a spreadsheet that you created from scratch?
If you did not create the spreadsheet, is it a 'protected' spreadsheet?

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by In reply to Questions

New - spreadsheet, nothing special, no advanced macro's or filtering or encryption. Just a plain ole new spreadsheet when you open Excel. I have found it does not matter what spreadsheet you open, it happens. Thanks Capt.

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One last shot...

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Excel

It is not a protected spreadsheet.
You have uninstalled and reinstalled.

I'm assuming you tried a clean-install where Office was uninstalled through Add/Remove and then the Office folders where deleted from Program Files with reboots in-between before re-installing.
I'm also assuming you performed all the Office updates after re-installing.

Other than trying a new spreadsheet, saving it to the desktop, closing Excel, right-clicking on the new spreadsheet on the desktop and making sure it isn't set to Read-Only, reopening that spreadsheet in Excel and trying then...

I'm at a loss.
Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

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by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Excel 2003 - Font Color r ...

Were you ever able to resolve the issue?
If so, what ultimately fixed it?

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Font Color

by ctrservices In reply to Excel 2003 - Font Color r ...

Excel should do what you want if you select all the cells that you will be using for the different font color first, then select the color of font.

All selected cells will then have the font color you desire as you are entering data, while the cells you didn't select will revert to the default black font.

Under the Tools--Options--General tab, you can change the default font size and type, but not the default color for the whole document. Thus, the above instructions.

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Sorry CTR... That's what I thought at first, too...

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Font Color

You have to read the later posts.
There IS (or was) an issue.
It is not a How-To thing.

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