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Excel 2003: Sumproduct, OR, AND, Sumif?

By The_skinner ·
Hello there,

I am trying to use Sumif to check whether a name exists in either of two columns, and if it does, add data from another column on the same row. For example:
Tony Tony 10
Tony Steve 5
Dave Tony 5
Dave Dave 20

If i were searching for "Tony" the result returned would be 20.

I have tried using various help forums dealing with the issue of two search criteria, but they don't seem to cover checking two columns.

Is this a job for Sumif, OR, And or Sumproduct?

Thank you for your time,

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Formula you're using?

by Aaron Mason In reply to Excel 2003: Sumproduct, O ...

What formulae have you tried so far?

If I do =SUMIF(A1:B4, "=Tony", C1:C4) in Excel 07 using your data, I get 15. I'm guessing if you do that, it only checks values in the first column.

I tried doing the two columns separately and got 30 - it counted the first row twice.

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