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By eera80 ·
Hello There...

I am trying to build a formula in Excel but I'm currently facing a problem. I am not good with excel and therefore would appreciate if any expert could guide me.

I already built in this formula below:

=IF($Q5="",IF(T5="",IF(LEFT(X:X,3)="EPG","","C020 "),""),"")

The formula above works, where if X=EPG, the value will be blank and if it returns other than EPG, it will return C020.

Now, I need to include the OR statement to enable the formula to check for another set of indicator which is "EPF".

I tried changing the formula as below, unfortunately it returns #VALUE!

=IF($Q6="",IF(T6="",IF(LEFT(X:X,3)=OR("EPG","EPF"),"","C020 "),""),"")

Can someone help me on this? Thank you in advance!

Kind Regards,
- In need of HELP! -

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This works

by Bizzo In reply to Excel Formula

=IF($Q6="",IF(T6="",IF(OR(LEFT(H:H,3)="EPG",LEFT(H:H,3)="EPF"),"","C020 "),""),"")

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You are the best Bizzo!!!

by eera80 In reply to This works

Thank you so much for your help! This really works! You must be an expert! How can I enhance my knowledge in excell, especially in bulding formulas, creating charts, pivot tables, etc. I believe this would be useful for my work and I am keen to learn!

Truly appreciate your assistance! :)

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