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User experience problem with excel. They will be working on the file and all of sudden the font will change to very extra large and the number will take most of the screen, Then error message comes with one option which is to close, and some times they can?t even exit. After that, user looses all the work and change they made to the file. This issue happens 6 months ago and stays for 2 weeks with so many users. Just 3 weeks ago users reported same issue. Not sure what cause this, we use office 2002 and all the files on the network. One user reported this issue with a file he created on his local system. It seems to me this issue happens if the file contains a lot of format not 100% sure. I do not know where to look or where to start, is it network issue or Excel?? Please help.

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re: Zooooooooooooooom!!!!!!!!!!!

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Excel Issue

There is a zoom feature in Excel, usually accessed by the menu items. However, there are certain key combinations which will activate it.

Alt+v activates the View menu
Alt+z from there will activate the zoom menu
Alt+f from there will zoom to the active cell, thus filling the whole screen.

Either your users are inputting special characters with keyboard shortcuts, or they're fat fingering just the right keys in sequence to zoom the screen.

Of course, the possibility always exists that the files themselves are corrupt or that all of the installations of Excel are corrupt.

Want to make a bet on what is really happening?

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Hey thanks for that!

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to re: Zooooooooooooooom!!!! ...

I do learn something new every day, and you just added to today's bits!

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