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By debyteky ·
I want to copy the contents of a cell in one worksheet to a cell in another worksheet dynamically. I know how to copy and paste it but that's not what I want to do. I want the cell content to automatically populate the other worksheet. Can any one tell me how to do that?

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sheet ref

by wordworker In reply to Excel question

One way: Name the cell you want to copy dynamically in a different sheet, then use

If you want to populate large ranges of cells, you'll need a formula that adjusts relatively, like this


"sheet2" comes from the name of the worksheet tab.
A1 can be any cell reference.

If the sheet name has a space in it, the ref needs single quotes to delimit the sheet name, like this

='sheet 2'!A1

Hope that helps.

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Thanks :)

by debyteky In reply to sheet ref

Thank you for your reply. It was very helpful.

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Excel Copy

by rjalbert In reply to Excel question

You just need to use an external reference with the Copy Contents formula. For example:

=CELL("contents", [worksheet.xls]Sheet!$C$10)

Instead of entering all this text, you can:
1. Type forumla into cell of current worksheet through first comma.
2. Window to active worksheet containing relative content.
3. Click sheet containing data and click cell with data to be copied.
4. Press Enter to complete formula and return to current worksheet.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks :)

by debyteky In reply to Excel Copy

Your information was very helpful. Thank you again.

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Do it with fewer keystrokes

by DC_GUY In reply to Excel question

In the cell of the receiving worksheet type the equal sign "=" and DO NOT hit Enter.

Use the mouse to navigate to the source worksheet.

Put the cursor on the desired cell.

NOW hit Enter.

If you want to do this for a large range of cells, copy the cell you just created into every cell in the range. Excel will offset the cell addresses to match the cell addresses in the source worksheet, to make an exact copy of the original. It will maintain concurrency with any changes in the original values.

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Thanks :)

by debyteky In reply to Do it with fewer keystrok ...

Your information was very helpful. Thank you so much.

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