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excel slow saving

By lonnies ·
we recently switched from saving documents pier to pier to to one specific computer to saving all of our shared documents to a server. now when we try to save any excel documents it takes 2-4 minutes to save. can you tell me what we can do to solve the slowness problems of this. there are 3 pc computers that share these documents and 4 macs.. the server we save to is a mac server.
lonnie summers

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by mikex In reply to excel slow saving

Do not keep all of your documents on the server - or if you want to - upgrade your server and/or the network (if you don't have 100Mb)

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by LiamE In reply to excel slow saving

Mixed Mac / Windows networks have always been awful. I've not got experience of osX but previous versions did not work well at all with MS netwroks.

Perhaps set up an FTP server. Both Mac and MS clients can access the files on it and use the storage on it etc without the unacceptable performance hit to the macs, the pc's or both depending on how you set up the network.

The 'server' doesnt need to be a server - just anything that has a bit of disk space, has a network card and can run an FTP host program.

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by Pr0x1 In reply to excel slow saving

In addition to answers 1 and 2 (both are good), you could also try setting up your computers to use offline files, and then synchronize offline items.

In help on any WinXP computer, just search the help for offline files.

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by pclemente2 In reply to excel slow saving

I am experiencing the same issue when performing a "save As" to a network Drive with Office XP. I noticed that If I disconnect the network drives the problem goes away. The issue is not your network or your PC but more like Microsoft usually program design. I tested with Office 2003 and guess what... the problem went away.... Another added value process from microsoft.. go figure.... Hope this helps.

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