Exchange Attachment Restrictions

By mkowitz ·
This issue just popped up, and I am wondering if anyone has a suggestion:
I administer Exchange 2003 for <100 users. About a year ago I started enforcing global message size limits to 5Mb incoming and outgoing, with a few "power" users excepted to 7.5 or 10Mb limits, which worked just fine. Just recently (within the last week) something changed in that these users with expanded limits are not able to email attachments larger than the (global) 5Mb limit to outside customers, but are able to send internally to each other. The settings--global and individual--have not changed. Anyone have a clue where I should look, or a method of troubleshooting this?

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Any service packs or patches applied lately to Exchange?

by ManiacMan In reply to Exchange Attachment Restr ...

That would be the first thing I'd look for, because it does sound like some strange bug is doing this. I do agree with you that settings at the user level should override the global settings for those specific users who are allowed to send attachments over 5MB in size. Hmmm...have you tried contacting MS to see if they're aware of this and may have a hotfix for it?

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It may not be your end.

by bart777 In reply to Exchange Attachment Restr ...

I would try to contact the administrator at the other end of the conversaion and see if they have a limit on incoming files. If the limits work internally but not externally then you have a problem at the other end or some strange setting in a router on your side. (Not likely I would imagine)

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I think it is on my end because . . .

by mkowitz In reply to It may not be your end.

. . . if I do a trace, using Exchange Manager, I see the message get submitted to all of the queues, etc, but it never get delivered to the other system before the NDR is generated, and the recipient has been contacted, and they are not having problems receiving other attachments (>5Mb). (?!?!?)

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Where are you setting message size

by Dumphrey In reply to I think it is on my end b ...

restrictions and exceptions? I would reset them to the values you want just to be sure.
And you are right, the NDR where it is mewans its on your end. Have you double checked access rights and black lists? And do you know if the trouble is isolated to only a few senders/receivers or is it global?

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setting message size

by mkowitz In reply to Where are you setting mes ...

Globals are in Exchange Manager: <Name>(Exchange)-->Global Settings-->Message Delivery-->Details tab.
The exceptions are in AD Users and Computers: Users--><username>-->Exchange General tab-->Delivery Restrictions.
I'm aware of the problem with two of the users that are excepted from the globals.
I don't believe blacklists are an issue since smaller messages get through OK.
I'm going to try a reboot tonight just to eliminate that possibility.

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Check Message

by Dumphrey In reply to setting message size

size limits on the smtp ptotocol in
System Manager --> Admin Groups --> First Admin Group --> Servers --> (server name) --> protocols -->SMTP --> Default SMTP virtual server properties. It should over ride globals if its set.

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Looks right

by mkowitz In reply to Check Message

All of the items in the Messages tab are unchecked--which I assume will then use the defaults.

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Have you rebooted the server?

by LocoLobo In reply to Exchange Attachment Restr ...

I figure you have but it was a thought. ManiacMan brings up a more likely point about patches and upgrades.

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I think Bart777 is on the right track

by Dumphrey In reply to Exchange Attachment Restr ...

but I would also check spam filter appliances etc that may be scanning any outgoing mail. The most likely place for problems are spam filters and the mail server its self. Since it works internally, its probably not the mail server, but just to be sure, I would check the mail settings again on the smtp ptotocol, as that part would not be called into play for local service/delivery.

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by mkowitz In reply to I think Bart777 is on the ...

I've checked the properties of the SMTP connector and the SMTP protocol virtual machine, and everything looks right. Is there any other places I should be looking? (I was on that track also, since it appears different between internal/external).
Does anyone know which services (if any) I can restart, in lieu of a complete reboot?

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