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Exempt employees now required to fill out timesheets?

By rhenrys ·
I work for a small non-profit (about 25 employees). I'm the only IT person here and recently management initiated that all exempt employees fill out timesheets (monthly)indicating the percentage of time that they've worked for any one department. The total must add up to 100%.
This is difficult for an IT person as on any given day I may do some end-user support for 5 different people in 4 different departments.
I've heard that some employers are just requiring exempt employees to just document number of hours, or exceptions (time off, sick days), but not this. They are claiming that this is now required because the organization gets audited regularly (being a non-profit).
So far (we're on month #2) not too many employees are taking to this new procedure.
Is this a common practice these days?
Has anyone else experienced something like this?


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by FirstPeter In reply to Exempt employees now requ ...

Not directly, but a company I've worked for had that same approach. It wasn't monthly, but every quarter or so there were time sheets that had to be completed to ensure that "overhead" (IT, Legal, etc.) were allocated appropriately. This was a regulatory issue (being part of a part regulated, part non-regulated business meant that time had to be allocated accordingly to ensure appropriate returns on the regulated side).

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Not unusual

by stress junkie In reply to Exempt employees now requ ...

I've seen this at some places. It's just a management tool. Don't worry.

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by j.lupo In reply to Exempt employees now requ ...

At all but my very first IT job, I was required to do this weekly. In organizations it helps them track departmental usage of services. For IT this can work to help get bigger budgets too. At least that is what I have seen.

Just try to keep notes per day for yourself, it will help filling it out. Good Luck

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For sure

by DC_GUY In reply to Exempt employees now requ ...

We fill out biweekly timesheets that go to payroll and we don't get paid otherwise. Those just track time worked vs. time off. These timesheets must add up to 80 hours, no more no less.

We also use MS Project to actually charge time to specific projects or other endeavors such as providing training, user support, etc. These timesheets can reflect overtime, but we're not allowed to admit we had a slow week for a change and only worked 38 chargeable hours. So there's still a little fiction in it.

Time reporting is used to measure projects, not people. I concur with the other posters. This will not be a problem for you as long as you learn the rules very well, including the unstated ones, and follow them perfectly.

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time sheets

by mjd420nova In reply to For sure

how about a daily record down to a tenth of an hour (six minutes). whose machine you worked on, time in time out
could be worse

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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Exempt employees now requ ...

I've seen lots. As a contractor I fill out two time sheets. Ones for getting paid and is just hours worked, the other is task based and used for decrementing the allocated finance to projects. They are not completely **** about it. It does have to add up, but the general approach is, I worked on x tasks during the week and spent about x hours on each. This data gets booked into individual project plans, so I can get an idea whether I'm behind or not as well, so it's a useful tool.

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by MirrorMirror In reply to Exempt employees now requ ...

I have had to do this at several jobs including the one that I am at now. I made a spreadsheet that when I print it, has a nice way for me to write down what I have been working on in 15 minute increments. I keep one for each week. I use codes for types of work and can quickly add up time per day for each code. This is what I use to enter my time into our time system. It's no biggie...but is a pain sometimes.

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Thank you

by rhenrys In reply to Exempt employees now requ ...

Thanks for your input everyone, I appreciate it.


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I'm an exempt employee and sign in a daily attendance sheet

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Exempt employees now requ ...

but I am not required to specify when I come or when I leave and how many hours I work. I happen to work for a large law firm as well. Now if they were to start having me clock in, I would demand O.T. pay because being a salaried employee, they should not care how mahy hours I put in so long as my work gets done and come in on time and don't leave too early. I don't mind reporting when I am off, when I plan on taking vacation from my short or long term bank, as required by HR for attendance, but asking to see how many hours I work daily is crossing the line.

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Pick up a PDA

by jmgarvin In reply to Exempt employees now requ ...

Schedule your jobs in your PDA and make sure you document each user and department. Keep track of your time (every trouble call usually should last at least an hour, so go up from there).

Also make sure to use email and a calendar (if your office uses Outlook use the feature in there) to keep your time.

Make sure you are honest and explain (at least in brief) each job.

Good luck!

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