Exporting body of Outlook emails to Excel or CSV

By kim ·
I am doing my best to be a responsible operator of a large-ish (30k) industry e-mail database for my newsletter. I have collected approximately 2000 e-mail bounces and would like to harvest the addresses from those e-mails so I can then automatically remove them from my list. That will be miles faster than going through all 2000 of them by hand.

I have an e-mail harvesting program, but it must be in CSV, Excel, or TXT format. The problem is that when I export the offending e-mails to any of these formats, it strips all but the first and last e-mail body. As this is where the inactive e-mails are referred to, this is not helpful.

I've done this once before (exported to Excel and used the same harvesting program) and didn't have this issue. It worked really well and I cleaned my list very quickly. I don't know what is going wrong or why it won't export the e-mail bodies properly.

Has MS changed how it exports in some update that I don't know about? Does anyone have any ideas? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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