Extracting specific mails from my outlook 2003

By mshahul ·
Hi I am using outlook 2003

In my outlook I flagged many mails based on the priority and also set reminders for few mails.

How can I find the mails which I have set reminder? It?s not a matter whether it?s expired or not. But I want to extract the mails which I have set reminders alones insteat of listing all the flagged mails.

Thanks in Advance.


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re: Extracting specific mails

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Extracting specific mails ...

I don't know that you can "extract" these emails as a group, but you can change your view to list the reminder field and sort the emails by it.

(1) On the left navigation bar, highlight the mailbox you wish to change.

(2) Right click the title bar where it lists the names of the fields being displayed. From the menu that appears, choose the "Field Chooser".

(3) In the field chooser box that opens up, change the dropdown menu to show "All Appointment Fields".

(4) In the field chooser, scroll down to find the "Reminder" field. Click and drag it out to the Title Bar where all of the other field names are displayed.

(5) Click the X on the field chooser box to close it.

(6) To sort all emails in that mailbox, click the name of the field in the Title Bar.

(7) To remove the field from the view, right click the field name on the title bar and choose "Remove Column".

Note: you will have to do this for each mailbox containing the mail items you are searching for.

<afterthought> You can also create a custom advanced search folder to display all mail with a reminder set to ON, then create another one to display all mail with a reminder set to OFF. But, you can not create one with a criteria of just "reminder", no matter if it's on or off.

<edited to add afterthought>

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Hi Thanks alot.

by mshahul In reply to re: Extracting specific m ...

I am able to sort out my problem... again thanks....


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You're welcome!

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Hi Thanks alot.

Glad we could help.

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