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F1 Fiasco!

By Lost_one ·
What happened yestarday was all the Michelin teams faults. By F1 rules they are allowed to bring 2 different compound tires to all races. They choose to bring 1, which Michelin tech said MIGHT not make it to the end. Why change the track just before the race so an unprepared team can race? Bridgestone teams have been fighting tire problems all year, even pulling Michael Schumacher out of 1 event this year.

How tough is it to make a tire that can run on a banked corner? It was not the speed or the track that was causing the failure it was the tire not being able to handle the load put on by a banked corner!!?? The Michelin teams have killed F1 in the US, the 3rd largest crowd in F1 this year.

Bridgestone might have had an advantage coming into the race. Firestone is the official tire of the Indy 500 and they might have gotten some insight on what to expect after the repaving and grinding of the track.

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Fans should get a refund

by RexWorld In reply to F1 Fiasco!

The fans who forked over money to attend the race should demand a refund. And if the race organizers don't give it, the racers themselves who staged the protest should fork over the money.

They cannot treat their paying customers that way, it was a shameful way to treat the fans.

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