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FAST experience

By Choppit ·
I just wanted to share todays experience of a visit I had from FAST. This was a scheduled "educational" visit and I'd had one before so thought I knew what to expect. The rep started as I'd expected by telling me about FAST and then quickly proceeded to tell me about the benefits of joining. I promptly informed him that we would not be joining FAST (we had already considered this previously) at which point he abruptly zipped up his case and left saying that there was "no point in (him) staying". Bearing in mind that the meeting had apparently been set up to do nothing more than to try to sell me a ?2000 p.a. FAST subscription, is there any reason why I should allow them to visit in future?

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What is FAST?

by stress junkie In reply to FAST experience

Three comments:

1) What is FAST?

2) I had two separate experiences when I was in my 20s selling vacuum cleaners door to door. I learned that some on site sales (including door to door residential sales) people will make an appointment based on half truths. When they said that the meeting was intended to be educational that would easily be interpreted by a sales person to equate education with sales. I really don't have a problem with that. You should be able to figure out that a potential vendor isn't going to send someone to your office just to educate you about their product or service and then leave. They're going to ask you to purchase the product or service. That makes the meeting a sales meeting. All sales involves education so it is reasonable for them to call the meeting an educational meeting. That's not dishonest in my estimation. If you just use your brain you will realise that any meeting with a potential vendor is a sales meeting.

3) Your sales person wasn't very good. A good sales person would have ignored your statement that you weren't going to buy the product. He would then have proceded to present his educational sales pitch. At the end of the sales presentation he would have asked you to purchase the product. When you declined he would have started what are referred to as closing techniques.

In short you were deprived of a show and an opportunity to learn more about the product or service.

My answer to your question is that if you really don't want to purchase the product then don't make any more appointments for educational meetings with this company. On the other hand if you have an afternoon to spend on a floor show then go ahead and make another appointment. Ask for a good salesperson; not one that will just walk out when you say that you don't want to purchase their product or service.

A sales presentation should be fun for the potential customer. A good salesperson will make their presentation enjoyable for you.

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Federation Against Software Theft

by neilb@uk In reply to What is FAST?
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by Jaqui In reply to Federation Against Softwa ...

and if they were to ask me, it's a simple answer.

why join, my company is open source, so all software is free!!!
can't steal free software!!

pull yer heads from yer butts and look around, you are promoting a microshaft monopoly with your group.

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Believe me.....

by Choppit In reply to ~chuckle~

I use FOSS wherever I can, unfortunately I can't visualise our business being totally MS free.

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by Choppit In reply to What is FAST?

FAST is similar to the BSA, although I've been told that the BSA are somewhat more aggressive in their methods.

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