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Favorite Sci-Fi Films

By gralfus ·
Most of these are the old ones that the Sci-Fi channel won't show (in favor of their own tripe like "Python", "Anaconda", "Python vs Anaconda", etc.), but many of us grew up with. I'm sure there are some I've overlooked.

Most of these are available on Amazon.

War of the Worlds
This Island Earth
The Thing
Earth Vs. the Flying Saucers
The Crawling Eye
The Day the Earth Stood Still
Forbidden Planet
Invasion of the Body Snatchers (original)
Quartermass and the Pit (aka "Five Million Years to Earth")
The Day the Earth Caught Fire
The Blob
Fiend Without a Face
The Monolith Monsters
Island of Terror
The Brain from Planet Arous
The Power (hard to find this George Hamilton flick from 196

The Terminator (1 & 2, 3 was a joke)
The Matrix (only the first)

I saw one years ago called "The Flesh Eaters", which was a B&W about a nazi scientist who develops sparkly little creatures that live in water and consume all flesh. Can't seem to locate it anywhere.

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My Hero (the TV Show)

by jmgarvin In reply to My avatar

Is it out on DVD? I loved the show and I can't seem to find it anywhere! British comedy at its worst (best?)...

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No accounting for taste

by neilb@uk In reply to My Hero (the TV Show)

I absolutely hated that one. Especially the later series where they had a kid.

My Hero series 3 is available on DVD for our region. Not sure whether it's in Region 1, yet.

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I only saw the early-mid part of the series

by jmgarvin In reply to No accounting for taste

When they had the kid is when they stopped playing it here. I did get a chance to see a couple of episodes with the kid and they seemed funny...

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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Huh?

I've got to completely agree about Dune though, the film possibly stands up by itself sort of maybe, but compared to the books, it's just utter shite.
Might be a social thing but Baron Harkonen's indicator of depravity was not having heart plugs fitted to guys dressed in bin bags, he was a pederast
Get the books, there's only six
Dune, Dune Messiah, Children Of Dune, God Emperor, Heretics and Chapter House. Steer well clear of those follow ups by that other prick, he couldn't write out shopping list.
de ja vu eh Neil.

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and yet,

by Jaqui In reply to Dune.

Frank Herbert was happy with what was filmed.

he stated in an interview that what was filmed was perfect. what was released was only about 25 to 30 percent of what was filmed.

apparently there is talk of releasing a dvd with nothing cut, putting the entire book into it instead of limiting to a 2 hour block.

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True but what

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to and yet,

Frank was trying to communicate and what I recieved are two different things. May be I completely misunderstood the guy, still read the books every now and then, and some of his others.
Watched the film once, won't ever do it again, though if said DVD came out I would be tempted I suppose.

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Wheel of Time

by jbaker In reply to Huh?

I do not think that Robert Jordan's series can be called a medieval Dune. It does share a couple of character similarities, but other than that, no comparison.

Yes, there are about 70 Dune books (only a slight exaggeration), but they are all excellent. They have been called "thinking man's sci-fi", and they really do fit that description well.

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Yes and no

by jkaras In reply to Wheel of Time

I know they are quite different genres, but the character mapping is quite simular. Both main characters are a demigod to much power for a mortal man to carry, forced to war to unite all for the greater good bound by prophecies and everyone trying to use them for their agenda. Both stories have a witch class society of women who use their magic/influence to allow certain societies to rise and fall, a more female driven society rather than male. Both have a society of peace loving that became the fiercest most tough fighters. Well ok a bit of a strech, the Fremin were always fighters, just were enslaved, compared to the Wheel of Time characters, but a simular principle.

Are they quite simular yes in a general sort of way not in its intended direction. I never read the Dune books because their are so many apparently. Thats what has turned me off to Wheel of Time. The story has gotten too muddy and it appears it will never end. Instead of continuing the story he is publishing the prequels like he is George Lucas or something. I love the series, the ideas, the societies, not everyone is whom they appear to be,and the understanding of the power, but come on and lets progress.

I feel that if I start on the Dune books I will feel the frustration of a never ending saga. Its the same reason why I never read the Star Wars books. Everyone says they are a great read, and horrible by other ghost writers that confuse the direction. Some one else reccommended certain books of the series and I might pick them up, I'm dying for a good read after George R.R. Martin has failed to complete another book in like three years. OUt of all the Dune books which are the ones you reccommend and which author?

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Frank Herberts

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Yes and no

are all good and best read in order I feel.
Whatever you do don't read the dune books that weren't by Frank, they are absolute drivel. Aside from the fact that the completely break the chronology, spirit and character base of the original universe they would be crap all by them selves.
So thats
Dune Messaiah
Children Of Dune
God Emperor Of Dune (His best in my opinion)
Heretics Of Dune
Chapter House Dune

I'm waiting for George to finish off A song Of Ice and Fire as well. Other good reads though are CJ Cherryh, Steven Erikson, Orson Scott Card and the inimitable Stephen Donaldson.

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70 dune Books? No No No No

by neilb@uk In reply to Wheel of Time

Tony has already posted on this! Frank Herbert wrote SIX novels. It reached it's real conclusion at #4 - God Emperor but he wrote two more and that's OK because he's the author and it was his universe. Then he died. That's it. End of story.

The prequels and add-ons and other crap are all just fluff. I just wish those "authors" would sod off and invent their own universe but I suppose that's asking for some form of literary talent.

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