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    FDIC and SEC regulations


    by debate ·

    Tell us what you think about Mike Talon’s column about how FDIC and SEC regulations have a direct impact on advice disaster recovery and high availability systems, as featured in the August 5 Disaster Recovery e-newsletter. Let us know if there is other helpful information about regulations that may benefit your IT peers.

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      Get under umbrella

      by jglenncrp ·

      In reply to FDIC and SEC regulations

      US-chartered banks, S&Ls, credit unions, and the SEC have the same examining body: Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council, the FFIEC ( The FFIEC covers more than what is in the “standard” Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery plan, but someone creating a plan for a US-chartered – and some State-chartered institutions – needs to know FFIEC’s BC requirements. These are available at no charge in PDF format from the FFIEC URL. But as with most regulations, the core requirements are simply common sense. Unfortunately, it takes regulatory agencies (HIPPA, FFIEC) to force some organizations to do what should be done for the organization’s own self-interest.

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