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    Featured and hot discussions, who decides?


    by jdclyde ·

    And why?

    Is there someone new in charge of this?

    Has there been a change of policy recently as to how to handle these?

    A few examples, last week, it was so cool to have four joke discussions take over the “Hot discussions”. What better for a friday? Then someone pulled the plug.

    Then today, I saw the troll discussion “Who to hire” at the top of the world on both the Hot AND Featured lists. Someone must have actually READ it and decided to pull the plug, huh? If you would have stayed with that, you would see that the hijacked section was better than anything else going on at TR at the time. What could be better than a hijack comparing grilling ideas, disguised as real answers to the troll? 😀

    If there is a change of policy on this, letting us know would be a good thing? If there is a new pair of boots to lick to get things done, that would be good to know too! :0

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      Can’t say on the yuks

      by tig2 ·

      In reply to Featured and hot discussions, who decides?

      But I may have had something to do with the troll thread coming off the hot list- I pointed out that it was a troll, who the troll is, and that we had hijacked the thread to be completely meaningless to the original title.

      Sorry JD. Would never dream of doing it to a Misc. thread but I know that people use the Career threads seriously.

      And you remember what happened when a thread was mistaken for being serious and wasn’t. But it was in the right place. Lots of flames over that one. Didn’t want to see it happen again.

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        It was openly called a troll post from the begining

        by jdclyde ·

        In reply to Can’t say on the yuks

        to anyone that bothered to read the first two posts.

        I just thought it was funny that it WAS a featured discussion this morning. Then it just went away….. ;\

        The yuks should have been left alone! X-( At least for the day!

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          I agree with you on the Yuks

          by tig2 ·

          In reply to It was openly called a troll post from the begining

          And it would be nice to see them at least shortcutted from the Discussion Main Page. I think TR is missing one there.

          Sure the troll thread was called out. I truly dislike people that spam around in the serious threads. There are folks that validate the value of TR based on the feedback they find in the serious threads. And besides… Troll Boy ticked me off. I’m not nice sometimes.

          I think we should make a firm push for a Yuk shortcut. That would be fun!

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          We even tried once

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to I agree with you on the Yuks

          to get a discussion heading specifically for the yuks instead of going in the misc section.

          no dice. 🙁

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