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By D.H. Cesare ·
I've been coming here for years and haven't had any problem finding my dicussions, but I can't find them today. There's no link that I can see, after 15 minutes of searching, that will take me to my discussions.
I'd sure like to see what the answers are/were that might have come to my discussions.

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Use the "View profile" link

by In reply to Feedback

This recently changed.

The "My Discussons" link has been removed. Instead, click on the "View profile" link. Then, click on "View all Discussion Center activity"

-----Steve Jackson

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My Discussions

by MCS-1 In reply to Feedback

As Steve said, My Profile ... but reading through the Misc. discussion the other day I see that a My Discussions button is slated to go back on here.

I miss it too!

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"My" profile

by Cactus Pete In reply to My Discussions

I think one of the biggest problems is that the link above shows "View profile" and does not indicate it refers to one's own profile...

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by MCS-1 In reply to "My" profile

... sorry, I guess the "My" was implied.

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by Cactus Pete In reply to oops

And now they've just updated to "My profile"...

Gotta love the good timing.

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It's Back

by TheChas In reply to Feedback

Since the site update 2 weeks ago, the My Discussions link has been missing.

They just placed it back on the Discussion pages this afternoon.



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Now you see, now you don't, now ...

by deepsand In reply to Feedback

Yes, it did vanish. But, as of today, it's back!

I would suggest that you Subscribe to gose discussions which you wish to follow, so that you will receive e-mail advisories of postings to such.


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by D.H. Cesare In reply to Now you see, now you don' ...

Now it takes me 4 or 5 attempts to login. On time the login works fine and an hour later I can't get here. I run a "clear all" cache, temp. internet files and cookies, and still can't get logged in. Hour after that I can log in with no problem. Go figure.
At least when I do get here there is a link to "My Discussions".

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Much strangeness of late

by deepsand In reply to Login

While I've not experienced login problems, I have have had numerous instances where, after posting a response, I've clicked on "Return to Discussion," only to be served up the message "Invalid Forum!"

Have we become involutary beta testers?

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I'm Confused

by D.H. Cesare In reply to Much strangeness of late

I didn't ask for a new password, but they must have decided I needed one, cause they sent one to me, and it worked. Course my other one worked 50% of the time.
Oh well, another perfect world.....

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