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    Feeling a Rush anyone?


    by jkaras ·

    Ok, so the media storm as gotten all over Rush and his racist statements complete with a drug addiction. Whats everyone’s take on this? It doesnt suprise me about his racist statement concerning Donavan Mc Nabb, but the whole oxycotton addiction floored me. Rush has had the worse 48 hour period ever documented in a self implosion. Society loves to see the big man fall flat on his face to feel better about themselves. My one issue that broke the story was the sunshine (since he lives in Florida)laws that keep emails as documentation for quite some years that can incrimminate you. Is this an invasion of privacy? Just desserts? Necessary due to the fact that they are only used to incrimminate not vindicate? I think everyone has sent a “questionable” email bent on humor rather than serious at least 1 time in their life. I do feel that Rush is guilty but not at the expense of emails. If he got busted with or during a buy then yeah no problem hit him with everything. I do however love when a voice of behavior is shown for the hypocracy that they speak about.

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      As I live in a different country

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to Feeling a Rush anyone?

      I’ll leave the stuff about the person in question alone as I have no idea who or what he maybe. However the E-Mail stuff is quite right as any E-Mail should be considered as a writen letter that can be used against you the only difference is that it can be altered without being readily deticatable so I always advise all my customers to backup all their outgoing E-Mails just in case someone brings some form of action against them with an altered E-Mail or one that was sent somewhere where it was not originally intended. But the bottom line here is never put anything in an E-Mail that you would not put on paper as it is a legal minefield and you have to always cover yourself.

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        I agree with Col Luck on this one

        by tomsal ·

        In reply to As I live in a different country

        I think its amazing how people will write anything in an email but they’d actually think twice about writing the same in a formal letter and mailing it off to someone using the postal service.

        I agree, its kind of a shame that you have when you think about it — but its the world we live in — backup your sent items often.

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        E-Mail is considered written documentation

        by oz_media ·

        In reply to As I live in a different country

        Coming from a somewhat legal background, I have seen several cases where spammers were fined large amounts of money for sending SPAM, how?
        E-Mail can be viewed as written correspondence if: the comuter reading th eemail is connected directly or through a network to a printer.
        Just as unsolicited faxes are illeagle because it wastes company resources (paper, ink/toner etc.)so can e-mail.

        The controller of one of the company’s I work with doesn’t read email on her screen, she meticulously prints, reads and files EVERY email she gets, SPAM included.?!?

        Therefore, if she receive SPAM mail, it is unsolicited documentation that utilizes company time and resources(ink, toner, paper, filing time etc).

        My point for going so far off topic is that e-mail like ANY other correspondence is legally binding and incriminating. When sending e-mail you must always assume that the recipient can take legal action based on your comments and that if it is incriminating, just forget the whole free speech thing that doesn’t hold water when uttering threats or talking about illeagle actions.

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          My illeagle beagle

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to E-Mail is considered written documentation

          Talk about a brain fart! I spelled illegal incorrectly over and over again!

          I actually noticed it wasn’t right but drew a blank when I tried to figure out what was wrong, you know when you look at a common word and it just doesn’t seem right but you don’t know why.

          I decided to wait and just spell check to clear it and all my other typos, but I forgot and in my eager haste to make yet another post, I hit that damn button and posted it! HERE I GO AGAIN, CLICK!

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      The sunshine law

      by road-dog ·

      In reply to Feeling a Rush anyone?

      Does not apply to individuals. It applies to governent meetings and processes being public.

      I might add that the media is running with this story and the first bit of tangible evidence has not yet surfaced. If true, then Rush’s credibility will suffer, and rightly so. If false, the story will be retracted in the papers on page 12 below the fold next to a tire sale ad .

      We should know something soon, as this woman appears to be saying that she has recordings of these deals taking place. Privacy issues aside, they should reveal if this is fire, or just smoke.

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      Two observations.

      by maxwell edison ·

      In reply to Feeling a Rush anyone?

      First of all, whether or not his comment was “raciest” is, at best, a matter of opinion. Taken in it’s full context and intent, the comment was a 99% blast on the media, something he does all the time, and a 1% poor choice of words. Personally, however, I wouldn’t have said something like that, because I think the best way to fight liberal racism is to avoid – at all costs and in all instances – any reference to a person’s race.

      On the alleged drug problem, people should be consistent in their judgement of others when it comes to such things. If a drug problem is “a disease” for those on the left, it should also be a “disease” for those on the right. And before anyone charges Rush with hypocrisy on the drug issue, they should be reminded that Rush Limbaugh has voiced support for the legalization of drugs, instead of the “war on drugs”, as the best way to deal with the problems that drugs cause people and society.

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