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By justathought ·
It is strange really because Feminism gave us respect as an equal being with the male of the species but it also took some respect away -- we are no longer a mysterious being to be treated with manners.

Here are some of the positive outcomes of Feminism.

1. Women can now have the same rights (well actually they do not in all things) however now a single woman can buy a house and apply for a loan. I believe it was not possible in Australia before.

2. Women's voices are heard. They can now state their opinions on many subjects, in particular politics and human issues.

3. But perhaps the most positive aspect is that Feminism liberated the woman from herself. It gave her the confidence she needed as a human being. She is no longer the second hand citizen but an equal (well not entirely as there are still a few discriminations from the past that remain as far as the battle of the sexes is concerned, but that will do)

And there is a negative side to it. Men stopped being gentlemen which was nice when they opened the door or helped you carry your heavy bags.

4. Women can now work in most jobs that previously were exclusively male, but the negative side of this is that it also took away our femininity. I have seen women working on the railway line, and to tell you the truth I do not think anything is gained here. Men are stronger to handle those jobs.

But some women have lost their charm, their grace. The balance -- the middle way has not being found. They may not be as oppressed as they were but many have lost their asset of femininity. The poetry in femininity is gone.

There is a downside to this latter. Even other women will look down on those women who remain feminine. Somehow femininity is associated with brainlessness which is shown in the ?Blonde? jokes that persist. Even some men unconsciously think this way.

I could not tell you how many people were surprised when they actually started to know me a little more to find out I was not a complete moron. Not that I am all that bright but I am not the village idiot. (I live in a small country town).

Also they were surprised to realise how I do possess a strong will even if the heart is soft. You see I wear long skirts and like long hair, a little finishing touch with a delicate piece of jewellery and a drop of perfume. This is a feminine outlook and people on first glance have the wrong idea of my personality.

We also must remember that between the men and women there are huge differences, We should work as equals but not as a competition between the sexes. We are mostly an extension of each other, one sex bringing to the other the missing element. Men are better at some things and women are better at others. Together we make a whole new being.

Perhaps it would have been better if we all had recognised that the differences between men and women were to be cultivated; if we were all equal but different, and that the difference should be respected and that it gave no superiority to either sex; that it did not allow a dominion of one sex over the other; that simply by welcoming the difference of thinking and behaviour we could have enhanced the relationship of men and women in all aspects of life to reach harmony.

Now I will list some of the negative products of Feminism.

1. Latchkey kids who get into all kinds of trouble.

The kids are mostly left to themselves and exposed to a lot of outside stimulation and interaction. There too it can be positive but the downside is a lifeless selfish society in the next generation, thinking the world belong to them, that they are eternal and have all rights without consideration to the value of others

2. Married women returning to the work force make fewer jobs available to school leavers. The problem is not so much that they return to work but the reason for it. Most cannot handle the kids -- who all seem to be suffering from hyperactivity -- and run the house, but they are going back to work as an escape or to prove their worth. One would think that feminism would have give them a worthy place but it has not. Most have to compete and be in a career to feel they are somebody

3. Sex roles have been reversed. The man is now required to satisfy the woman before taking his own pleasure. As it takes a lot longer for a woman to reach orgasm, the man is forced to take on the role of an orgasm machine.

I think some values have been lost. Partners do not talk to each other, tell each other what they like and be ready to give and please each other. Sex has become a fun game instead of a love-making intimacy because two people like what they see, feel good in each other's company and have an attraction.
Sex like everything else has become a right to pleasure without remembering that there are two people there.

4. Marriages now comprise two equal partners which makes for more conflict in a marriage. Instead of recognising that men and women are different, that their roles complete the role of the other and that both roles are just as worthy and important, somehow some women go into a competition instead of a completion

5. Women want the same rights as a man but still expect to be treated differently.

That is so true. They want the same rights and try to be as strong as men but if treated like the role they want to assume they complain that men are chauvinist pigs. Well they have not learn that every role has is downside. If they want to be treated gently they must have femininity.

6. All of the above probably contribute to a much higher divorce rate.

Also these days people have become selfish. They talk only of their rights and forget that one must work hard to obtain the goal. One must cultivate and respect others? rights as well, hence people do not try to resolve or compromise a little so men and women can come to some harmony. Instead at the first pebble they give up.

And of course this "ME" society where everyone only thinks of their rights and their needs leave no room for the respect of others and the discovery of others' thoughts, needs, and rights, hence conflicts arise as time is not taken to even examine the first stone.

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by Absolutely In reply to Feminism

"And of course this "ME" society where everyone only thinks of their rights and their needs leave no room for the respect of others and the discovery of others' thoughts, needs, and rights, hence conflicts arise as time is not taken to even examine the first stone." ("justathought")

In fact, this "ME" outlook prohibits disrespect for others, and correctly defines others' thoughts, needs, and rights as their concern, not mine.

The rest of your message might have been interesting, if you had discussed "a woman" instead of "women", saying for example "a woman can now work in most jobs that previously were exclusively male, although she must now consider the same questions of qualification, ability, and potential that men have traditionally had to face, as material providers" instead of "Women can now work in most jobs that previously were exclusively male, but the negative side of this is that it also took away our femininity. I have seen women working on the railway line, and to tell you the truth I do not think anything is gained here. Men are stronger to handle those jobs."

Nothing took away all women's femininity (whatever you believe that means), nor ever could. Any job can be done effeminitely or butch-like. By treating all women as a single monolith, you commit an affront to the dignity of each. Being enslaved to feminism instead of paternalism is not an improvement, it is a meaningless name change.

Freedom implies responsibility. As we say here in the states: "The price of liberty is eternal vigilance." Reality permits you to dislike that fact, but not to evade it.

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Still a long way to go for women in Australia

by jardinier In reply to Feminism

Australia is lagging behind the rest of the English speaking world with regard to women reaching high positions in government, the courts and business.

England has had a female Prime Minister; New Zealand has a female Prime Minister; America has a female secretary of state and a potential female candidate for the presidency.

There is no likelihood of a female prime minister in Australia in the foreseeable future. Almost all judges and magistrates are male.

There has never been (to the best of my recollection) a female premier of a State (equivalent to governor in the USA).

This is quite ironic as one of the prime instigators of the feminist movement was an Australian academic ? Germaine Greer.

There are many other areas ? e.g. company directors or chairmen; chancellors etc. of universities ? which are still almost exclusively male.

There are women in the police force and armed services but overall there is still a long, long way to go before women will have access to the positions of power in our country let alone equal access.

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female premieres...

by Garret` In reply to Still a long way to go fo ...

Dr. Carmen Lawrence was the Premier of WA. and Joan Kirner was Premier of Vic.

Plus there's Christine Milne, leader of Greens Party, Natasha Stott-Despoja and Cheryl Kernot, leaders of the Democrats and of course Pauline Hanson - all women have/had a lot of power and influence in politics...all in recent years.

Female PM? Don't count it out.

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Well yes

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Feminism

An outspoken minority of feminists seem to have not a desire to be treated as equals to males, but as males. I open doors for ladies because I'm a gentleman, not because you're a lady. Being a gentleman is is about me, not you. If the feminists were right I'd only open the doors for attractive women.
For those of you feel I've somehow insulted you by insinuating you aren't capable of getting through the door by yourself, let me know and I can assure you I won't do it again in your case.

Don't know why you want to be equal anyway, personally I'd aim higher.

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Equals would be nice...

by AttackComputerWhiz In reply to Well yes

Automatic doors have taken away a lot of the need to hold doors at all, but I hold doors open for men if I see them and like to have doors held for me instead of having them slam into me. It's just common courtesy, no matter what the gender.

But I would take just being treated as an equal in my field. I have male managers in my chain who never went back for more training after they got their first degree who want to argue about setting up a LAN and then want to tell me they know best because they have been in IT for X years. It seems that the women in our company are more inclined to go back and get more training as needed.

Oh, and just because I look grungy after a day of pulling line, don't assume that I am not "feminine". Remember Edda's mom and the leopard teddy in "9 Chickweed Lane"? Femininity is not a surface thing!

The funniest part in all that rant was the bit about orgasms. Waiting a bit for the woman is a lot more acceptable than "Wham, bam, thank you, ma'am!" sex where the man jumps on, gets off and then rolls over while the woman is still getting undressed. If men paid attention, they would realize they are also getting the benefits when they make the sex good for everyone involved. If the woman is happy, she is going to be more inclined to make her man happy, too.

Feminism doesn't mean that we are handing in our female "naughty bits". It just means that we want to be considered as more than just a collection of those bits.

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by jardinier In reply to Equals would be nice...

If you were a man, and an experienced and competent lover, trying to "make love" to a woman who was virtually incapable of achieving orgasm, and then copped the blame for the woman's inability, you would understand what "justathought" is referring to.

Obviously I can't go into detail here, but suffice to say it is a situation in which I have found myself more than once.

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Is it her? or is it you?

by Jessie In reply to Orgasms

I had plenty of lovers before my husband, and not a one of them could bring me to orgasm... a feat my husband can accomplish in a matter of minutes. I used to blame myself for my "inabilty" and now I give my husband his due accolades (and whatever else) for his super-human (apparently) abilities.

That being said, I highly reccommend that any woman who intends to have an orgasm with a man be well versed in how such a thing is accomplished... a little solo flying practice is quite helpful. Once you've figured out how to achieve it yourself, you can easier teach someone else to "fly."

And IF "justathought" is a woman, she must be a very young one... I've never heard so much female bashing from any woman... and blaming a generation of heathens on feminism is downright appalling... how about we put that blame squarely where it belongs, on parents who run off, leaving all the parenting responsibility to one person, and parents who don't discipline their kids... and timeout is not discipline, it's time to think about what you did... my mom used to give us time to think about what we did, right before she spanked us for doing something we knew was wrong.

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yes and no

by jdclyde In reply to Is it her? or is it you?

militant feminism, like any extreme group does harm the cause.

When you have a group that looks down on any woman for deciding to raise their kids instead of become a exec, there is something wrong.

I think things HAVE to push to make progress, but it should now be about giving women the CHOICE to be what THEY individually decide will make them complete, not what some other woman OR man thinks will make them complete.

Of course this all assumes that financially they have the luxury of making the choice to work or run the household. No one has the RIGHT to stay home, unless they have the means to pay the bills anyways.

Choice, not filling a roll determined by someone else. Militant Feminists do not support that choice, as "staying home being a baby factory" is demeaning to them and the don't hide their contempt from the people that WANT to raise their family.

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plenty of lovers?

by Lumbergh77 In reply to Is it her? or is it you?

"I had plenty of lovers before my husband"

Another result of feminism...women jumping from partner to partner. I could not elaborate further without using inappropriate terminology.

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As I said

by jardinier In reply to Orgasms

I will not go into detail here because it is not appropriate.

You can believe me or disbelieve me. It doesn't matter to me.

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