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By Montgomery Gator ·
Festivus will be here soon. Anyone celebrating it? Anyone got an aluminum pole set up? In the UK and other Commonwealth countries, it is acceptable to use an aluminium pole instead. :-)

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Its a Festivus miracle!

by Shanghai Sam In reply to Festivus

I've got a lot of problems with you people!

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Festivus Yes!!

by Montgomery Gator In reply to Its a Festivus miracle!
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Now there is someone with the Festivus Spirit!!

by Montgomery Gator In reply to Its a Festivus miracle!

Frank Costanza lives on in Shanghai Sam!!!

Do you ever shout "Serenity Now"?

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by Neil Higgins In reply to Festivus

Superb video.A few years ago,here in the UK,Birmingham City mafia,sorry council,decided to call Christmas,Winterval,so as not to affend anyone.They did.The church,the general public,and everyone of all faiths.Doh!!
Now it's just called Christmas again :)

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I approved of Winterval

by neilb@uk In reply to Winterval

The early Christians were really good at nicking pagan festivals. Herod's Census, the one that got Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem, was in October. Over here in Europe we celebrated the midwinter festival by eating lots and drinking more so the Christians just gave Jesus an "official" birthday - like the Queen - and hijacked the festival.

All I see is a case of Brum Council giving us pagans our party back.

So there.

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Neil,as an old agnostic

by Neil Higgins In reply to I approved of Winterval

and one for pouring cider around the local chestnut tree,as a fertility right,I agree that the pagan's have had a rough press.Christianity is shrouded in myth,like the Turin shroud,King Arthur,area 51,etc.But lets be honest "Winterval" is'nt exactly interesting.Maybe if they'd called it "What a bummer",or "No more carols",then maybe the more sensitive "one's" could have had a linching party at the council house.But no,they go and spoil it by giving in to party policy.Hum bug.

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I've gone to a festivus or two myself, but . . .

by AV . In reply to Festivus

not by choice, and trust me, it is much harder than making a turkey on Thanksgiving. There actually is lots of drinking involved if its done right. Oh, and don't bother cleaning up the house before you have it.

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Did you air your grievances?

by Montgomery Gator In reply to I've gone to a festivus o ...

And did you attempt to pin the host and other feats of strength? :-)

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Yeah, man

by AV . In reply to Did you air your grievanc ...

The whole family aired their grievances with each other. Whoo Hoo! It was truly an emotional experience. In one case, the host got coffee in the face and in the other, one of the "guests" got pinned instead of the host. I personally didn't get to pin anyone because others beat me to it. Not quite textbook Festivus, but close.

There were feats of strength too. Some family members actually held back from having an all out brawl.

Ah, the holiday season! Don't you just love it when everyone gets into the spirit?

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Let the airing of grievances begin!

by jenueheightz In reply to Festivus

Happy Festivus. There is a great video at The site is great for those of you who do not know what Festivus is. Let the airing of grievances begin.

Happy Festivus!

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