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Fill in the blank - I come to TR because __________

By jdclyde ·
What is it that brings you to TR, day after day? (some more than others is seems).

Is it to research something and then back to work?
Is it to look through the downloads?
Is it in response to one of the email newsletters?
Is it to talk about the latest changes in the tech field?
Is it for a break from your busy day with tech, to converse with other like-minded techs?

I personally go back and forth. My biggest problem with the TQ&A's is most of them have the correct answer by the time I get in them, and I don't feel like saying "yeah, what bfilmfan/chaz/srg/dpetrak (fill in blank) said" It is still interesting to read through them.

Then there is the ever-loving water cooler.

How about it?

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by dawgit In reply to Fill in the blank - I com ...

sounds good to me.....
It could be that sometimes we just need a sanity check.. (see, I'm not that crazy)
I do get some usefull info here (a lot actually)
We need to get a feel of what other (hopefully) like minded people are up to (and a consencious of thought)
A sense of (gag) community ?

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Just to look around

by Mr.Wiz In reply to Fill in the blank - I com ...

I usually look at the news and read the discussions and tq&a, once in a while I'll post something.

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It's the Water cooler .

by Mickster269 In reply to Fill in the blank - I com ...

And the tasty snacks.

Actually, it's the conversations that go on in the Misc part that keep me here. I like reading other points of view on issues. Espcially when presented by intellegent, thoughtful people who take the time out to discuss the concerns and issues of the day.

Oh, and I like reading your stuff too, jd.

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Not Multiple Choice? Not FAIR!

by Tig2 In reply to Fill in the blank - I com ...

I come to TR because I use it for research, occaisionally to download, sometimes because of something in a newsletter, to read the articles, get answers, occaisionally post an answer. Oh, and hang out at the water cooler.

TR is a place where for the most part I will find professionals in the field with whom I can have a conversation and mostly not have to apologise for using words with too many syllables. "There's no place like" makes sense to people here and I am not constantly excusing myself for using my brain.

More lively conversations at the watercooler are interesting and the feedback is always a good read. There are a variety of people here who are capable of clear reasoned thought. I value that- even if I don't agree with the opinion being expressed.

In short, TR provides an alternative to mindless TV, boring people and banal conversation. The best of all worlds!

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Yeah, what Mickster said...

by TonytheTiger In reply to Fill in the blank - I com ...
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Birds of a feather

by mjd420nova In reply to Fill in the blank - I com ...

I guess that I like to hear about others horror
stories, and add some of the ones I've experienced. My background is in any thing you
plug into the wall for power, that's the
consumer end, and the commerical end from
high voltage switchgear(substations) to
assembly line controllers and robots. I've
traveled the world and compared experiences
with others from just about everywhere..
I've even learned from others about certain
aspects of my own job, and offered my views
to others to enlighten them. I believe I get
more out than I put in, but I will offer only
what I know, experienced, and compare others
offerings to mine.
Yes, unless I can sit in front of the screen
all day, I'll always be behind the curve when
it comes to providing answers to Tech Q&A first.
I do like to read others replies, and try not
to repeat others answers, but provide another
angle to the problem, and maybe provide some
other missed clues to the problems presented.

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...they pay me.

by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to Fill in the blank - I com ...

You realize how few gigs there are for professional Trivia Geeks? I gotta stick it out where they haven't caught on to my being a hack. As soon as they discover that geeks are a commodity asset, I'm doomed.

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You know, of course, we hate you now.

by Mickster269 In reply to ...they pay me.

But in a nice, brotherly way.

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After all

by jdclyde In reply to You know, of course, we h ...

who else but family could you treat so badly and get away with it?

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Weird Comics and Bad B Movies

by BFilmFan In reply to ...they pay me.

I thought it was because you liked seeing me mention weird comics and movies.

They pay you?

I hope it isn't in TR points! (LMAO)

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