Finding messages to and from an outside address in Exchange

By CSRPhoto ·
I have recently been tasked with finding ALL e-mails to and from a specific e-mail address outside of my company. I am looking for any e-mails to and from this address to and from any of the addresses in our company. Had it been only one internal person, I could simply do this by looking into their mailbox, but since we have over 1000 mailboxes I obviusly can't go through every mailbox one at a time (at least not within any reasonable amount of time). Any suggestions?

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Message Tracking

by p.j.hutchison In reply to Finding messages to and f ...

Do you have message tracking enabled (if so, how far back does it go?)? If so, you can search the message logs in Exchange to look for mail to/from a specific user.

If you need to go back further then you need to restore the logs (c:\Program files\Exchsrvr\Name.log) to allow you to search them. Its faster than going through each mailbox....

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Can't find what I'm looking for...

by CSRPhoto In reply to Message Tracking

Yes, I have Message Tracking enabled (it goes back 14 days). I tried searching this way, but the only information I have for the external e-mail is the domain name. So I tried using variables (*, but all I get back is a window suggesting "choose another address" w/ all our mailbox addresses.

Is there a way to search if all I have is the domain name?

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Tracking logs

by p.j.hutchison In reply to Can't find what I'm looki ...

The logs are just plain CSV files, so you could copy them to your PC and search the files using Excel or the Search feature in Explorer.

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Could not find what I was looking for

by CSRPhoto In reply to Tracking logs

Well, that worked (sort of). I was able to search the logs, but I just could not find anything related to what I was looking for. But your advice was good. Thanks.

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