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Firefox compatability

By tony.barrett ·
I use Firefox as my primary browser, but I still cannot login to the TechRepublic site using this browser. When you enter your login name/password the page resets and asks you again. Works fine in IE.

Are you going to make the site more compatable with Firefox?

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Update your version

by jdclyde In reply to Firefox compatability

It works just fine with the newer versions of FF. 1.5 is out at their NEW web site .com instead of .org

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I've been using FF

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Firefox compatability

since 1.1 on TR, not had that problem. I'd be looking at cookie settings on FF and my firewall, if I was you. I do have this problem on TR with IE at work, because of the security on the corporate systems.

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No problem with it

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Firefox compatability

I'm using Ff on three different machines, on two versions of Windows, without any problems at TR.

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I've been loggining since FF was Phoenix

by NI70 In reply to Firefox compatability

I may have an idea as to what is creating your login issues. Have you saved your password with FF's password manager? Look in there and delete anything having to do with TechRepublic. I experienced a similar issue when I had changed my password in my TR account but did not clear FF's password manager of TR information.

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by tony.barrett In reply to Firefox compatability

Well, I just installed the latest Firefox 1.5 English (UK) build from, and same thing happens. Enter my logon details, and I go back to the same screen with the banner "Access to this site requires TechRepublic membership".

I guess as other FF users are running ok, it's a local problem, but it beats me as to what!

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