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Firewall and router - Follow-up question

By sreejith_c ·

I did try enabling the ports - that helped me to ping the firewalled machine, but which ports are used for routing purposes? Any specific ports that have to be opened?

Thanks for the answer.


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by CG IT In reply to Firewall and router - Fol ...

The term "Routing" means just that. A "router" inspects packets and determines if the destination is local or not. There aren't any specific ports for "routing" purposes. There are ports for services or programs. As an example, email. TCP/IP port 25 is used for SMTP [simple mail transport protocol] and must be open on the router to send/receive email [or you must specify a destination host for the router to use [port fowarding]to send the packet. Else the router will drop the packet.] A service such as remote access needs PPTP pass through the router to work and/or TCP/IP port 1723 open along with GRE port 47. FTP or file transfer service requires port 21 to be open.

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by LMon In reply to Firewall and router - Fol ...

Could not be explained any better than the Doc.

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by LMon In reply to

There are over 65000+ ports on not much place to put them all in. Here is a list of basic ports. Below is link which I think contains all the ports

20 FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
21 FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
23 Telnet
25 SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)
53 DNS (Domain Name Server)
70 Gopher
80 HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)
107 Remote Telnet Service
109 POP2 (Post Office Protocol version 2)
110 POP3 (Post Office Protocol version 3)
119 NNTP (Network News Transfer Protocol)
143 IMAP4 (Interactive Mail Access Protocol 4)
194 IRC (Internet Relay Chat)
220 IMAP3 (Interactive Mail Access Protocol 3)
389 LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)
443 HTTPS (HTTP running over secure sockets)
540 UUCP (UNIX to UNIX Copy)
Remove any spaces from these links!

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