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First Bushism of debate

By wordworker ·
Uttered about eight minutes in:"that's why they're fighting so vociferously..."

Let the countup continue.

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Pretty amusing anyway!

by Oz_Media In reply to First Bushism of debate

Wow, what a joke that was for a PREPARED debate!

I am not sure what you are getting at with vociferously, I always thought that was a fairly common word, meaning 'blatantly'.
I guess fighting blatantly sounds a little off though.

It seemed like GWB was completely unprepared though.
You'd think Bush was being questioned while on the toilet, "err, ummmm, maybe if I speak slower the time will run out"

The the big "the enemy attacked us" was spewed, we watched for a minute simply stunned before we began to laugh as he never detailed or corrected his misquote.

Before we could stop laughing, we were both happy to hear at least ONE of them got it. Bin Laden attacked America, al-Aqeda attacked you, not Saddam. oooops.

GWB's response, "Of course I know that al-Qaeda attacked us!"

Good one Georgie! Nice save, somebody might buy it.

GWB fu**ed upuntil he was called on it? Did he stumble and correct himself? Nope.

He just said,"I know that!"

What a goof, this is exactly why I don't see how such a politically focused and informed nation can possibly take this guy seriously, if they are not simply following because they think Republicans are right and Democrats never have been.

Anyway, 20 minutes of this dog and pony show is good enough for me.

GWB,he's definitely the KING!!

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Couldn't believe it..

by maecuff In reply to Pretty amusing anyway!

When I heard him say we were attacked. I'm wondering if anyone counted the number of times he said "It's hard work..this is hard work". Seemed he'd slip that in when he just didn't have a clue as to what to say next.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Couldn't believe it..

"Kerry says it was the wrog war at the wrong time in the wrong place"

Well Kerry was VERY clear to me in what his comments meant, it was not the right idea but in order to see it through we need a stronger allied force in Iraq. He never said anything that would discourage a soldier as GWB tried to imply as a response to what, FOUR questions?

Gwet over it man, we KNOW what he meant, he explained it ad cleared it up then MOVED ON, but GWB made mention of it (as if he was makig some point) for the next three questions.

His inability to get the gyst of such a basic and simple comment shows boldly how he is unfit to negotiate with foreign countries.

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Mr. Perfect

by highlander718 In reply to OR

I see you guys are really on Dubya's tail, I think you got a little excited too, anyway, my problem is that I didn't expect much from Dubya, and that I got. But Kerry ? Man, I was expecting him to shine to be the star, which he was not, and you guys are conveniently interperting his blunders and stupidities.
Of course you cannot say "the war is wrong" and than go and say "we're going to win it". Evem if theoretically and logically this might be plausible, you cannot say something like this in the real life and especially in politics. Whio de **** will join you know, if yourself are stating that the war is wrong ? Countries that stayed out will do so even more happier from now on.
Let's give Bush what he deserves (he's no orator or super-intelligent and yes, he did mistakes yesterday - nothing unexpected) but let's please look at Kerry's week sides and mistakes too.

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by maecuff In reply to Mr. Perfect

Why should we look at Kerry's weak sides and mistakes? First of all, as far as the debate goes, Bush was embarrassingly bad. I didn't see Kerry sweating and stammering and answering the questions (kind of) over and over with the same words. And I have not seen ONE single Bush supporter admit that Kerry has anything to offer..just that he flip flops. It's amazing how one little sound bite can become a battle cry.. it's kind of like this one.. "we have to give up some freedom in order to be safe..." A few people say so on the news, and it becomes fact. What a herd of sheep we've become.

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Why maecuff? Because.....

by ippirate In reply to Why???

His weak sides and mistakes are just as much a part of the man as his qualities. Besides, if you are going to take that tack then why are you pointing out the weak sides and mistakes of Bush? That's a little double standard don't you think?
Don't get me wrong, both have issues and I think that a logically decision to vote for either can be reached just as a logical decision to vote against one can be reach as well. Still in order to do so and to be objective in the process, fulfilling the responsibility of the vote would directly imply that we should consider both candidates in equal examination, taking into account both the good and the bad. To not do so is to vote from a pre-concieved notion or worse a spoon fed decision which would in turn lead you back to your sheep comment.

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This is the best poibt youve made in awhile

by thelastword In reply to Why maecuff? Because.... ...

I think keeping it logical is a good point!!!! Why is it so easy to make fun of Bush? That I don't know, why would that be?? Is it because it is so easy to do? Ie. some of his qualities are SO HARD to see past that it becomes a bit of a joke instead. Its hard to take him serious for some reason....

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You misunderstand..

by maecuff In reply to Why maecuff? Because.... ...

What I am saying, is why should I POST what I perceive are Kerry's weaknesses.. How many Bush supporters do that? Very few. Of course my decision was made by weighing both sides. I just don't want to be told that I should give a fair analysis here..why should I? In other threads, democrats have been refered to as idiots, pathetic, morons..the list goes on. There comes a time when my normal good nature retreats.

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by highlander718 In reply to Why???

elseway means that those who follow Kerry are a herd of sheeps, no better tan the "bushists", by beeing blind to his mistakes.

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by maecuff In reply to Because

I was not suggesting that anyone 'blindly' follow anyone. Only saying that I don't feel I should give 'equal time' in my response because I rarely see the 'other' side responding as such.

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