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flushing RAM

By mauryyoung ·
Can anyone tell me how one would flush the RAM?

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Turn the PC off

by TheChas In reply to flushing RAM

I'm sorry, I know that is not what you are looking for.
However, if by flushing the RAM, you mean clearing it, then turning the PC off is the 'best' way.

If you are looking to clear leftovers from RAM to free the RAM, or suspect that you have a memory leak, there are a variety of products out there that you can install.

Just search your favorite download site for memory utilities, and you will get a list.


You can also search with your favorite search engine for RAM booster, memory utilities, ram cleaner, etc. to get a list.

I have tried a few, and while they clear out memory temporarily, they do not fix the leaks. Some even cripple the system by disabling parts of device drivers.


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flushing RAM

by maxwell edison In reply to flushing RAM

Well, I suppose you just drop that little sucker into the bowl and pull the handle. Be advised, however, that if it gets stuck, a good plumber will charge you an arm and a leg to clear your pipes.

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heheehe... and I thought RAM flushed

by admin In reply to flushing RAM

when it has been running too fast without enough of a cool breeze. :)

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Flushing RAM - another option

by maxwell edison In reply to flushing RAM
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complete flush

by jamil_lababidi In reply to flushing RAM

when flushing the ram, here is a sure fix with an explanation:

RAM is volatile memory, which means it needs a constant electrical charge in order to function - thus by taking away the chareg, the RAM is then cleared. by turning the pc off, should work, keep in mind, sometimes there are leaks within the power supply that keep a small charge flowing to the RAM. so in order to completely flush your ram, cut the power off from the wall, surge protector, or unplug the power cable from the powersupply.

please do keep in mind, that if you're experiencing issues with your computer that are related to your memory, it could be that you do not have enough memory, a small page file size, or you could have a memory leak. in order to further diagnose the problem, please post exactly whats happening and what you're doing to create the problem.

just a few suggestions

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