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Font Identification

By mordacity ·
The ads on TR for HP's "The Computer Is Personal Again" campaign are mocking me. Why? Because I really want that font. And I really can't find anything like it. I've tried both and Neither have given me any satisfactory answers.

Although I work IT, my expertise is really in digital graphic design (learning to keep my computer running and playing well with other computers was just a fortunate side-effect). Because of that, there are a lot of times when I really need to identify a typeface and I seem to hit a dead end.

Ever had this problem? Did you ever find out what that font was? If so, how?

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huh? what ad?

by Jaqui In reply to Font Identification

I have no idea what ad you are refering to.

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Here's the campaign, now maybe someone

by Tink! In reply to huh? what ad?

can find the font. I don't have it.

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If you get REALLY desperate,

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Font Identification

At the bottom of the ad, click on "Contact HP". At the bottom of the resulting page, click "Feedback to webmaster". Hope he or she will contact the ad / art department.

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Not a bad idea

by mordacity In reply to If you get REALLY despera ...

I tried it. Let's see if I get anything besides a "Thank you for your inquiry" form letter.

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