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For the want of a COM port!

By gwc02 ·
Approximately 4 weeks ago I had occasion to contact Dell Technical Support because one of the COM ports on my computer had gone away.

This resulted in the Tech Support person guiding me through a complete removal and re-install of the Windows XP Professional Operating System.

The result was the loss of many files, especially digital photographs, that are not replaceable. I was not advised to back up or save these files or any other data. Nor was I told that I could lose files. An estimate of the cost to recover some and probably not all of the files ranged from $500 up.

I would like to recover the digital photographs. There is other data that was lost but that does not matter, the photos do, They are a picture summary of my roommates once in a lifetime trip to Europe. A dream that he shared with 2 others.

It seems that this product would work. Please let me know if any of you have had this type of a challenge.

Thank You,

Jerry Clark

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Its possible

by kamena1 In reply to For the want of a COM por ...

the solution to ur problem is a software. i don't know the name of that software but it recorvers the dta from hard disk even if u have formatted the disk. so be happy. i'll tell u the name of that software in the next reply. gtg

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not to worry

by RCOM In reply to For the want of a COM por ...

You can do it with recovery software. I use a program called R-Studio. It will allow you to look at the previous fat table of the drive and restore what you want. The software uses a explorer type of interface. You'll need another drive with windowsinstalled. Take your current drive and install it in as the second drive. Run the software list the files on the drive and select what you want to rrstore. The demo version of the software allows you to look at the contents of the drive and verify before you buy. For 79 bucks it's the way to go.

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by djent In reply to not to worry

The data may be gone but you can prevent future loss. Get a backup device and use it. Get a real copy of the OS so you can reinstall without reformatting. Restore CDs from OEMs will destroy your data every time, its a M$ paranoia thing, they don't want you copying thier latest half baked OS. If the OS was "finished" you wouldn't have lost the COM port. If you don't like how Dell and M$ treated you consider real hardware and Linux.

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by GuruOfDos In reply to not to worry

There is ONLY one piece of software and I mean only ONE...that is ANY good for what you want. It is called ZAR (Zero Assumption Recovery). 99% of ile recovery utilities are based on looking for FAT tables and re-creating directory trees then trying to recover files. ZAR works in completely the opposite way. It analyses the disk byte by byte and then reconstructs raw binary data. Using pattern matching against known file type headers (exe,jpg,doc, bmp, etc.) It then rebuilds files from the raw data. Once it has built enough to recognise patterns on the disk, it can then rebuild tree structures and then do a top-down recovery, comparing the results.

If anyone says any other program can do a better job I'd love to hear about it. ZAR recovered 34Gb from a 40GB drive of mine that had been re-partitioned and formated and had a fresh copy of 98SE installed in a different computer. On realising I had wiped a critical backup drive, I fitted it to a computer running ZAR and had 34Gb of datarecovered in under an hour.

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