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Fraud in the news to drum up Hezbollah sympaty?

By jdclyde ·

Watch the video and judge for yourself.

The media intentionaly distorting the way things are in the crisis with Isreal and Lebanon/Hezbollah.

Still think there isn't an agenda by the media?

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Some additional information

by jdclyde In reply to Fraud in the news to drum ...

The locals knew that the 10-story apartment building had been the office, and possibly the residence, of Sheik Tawouk, the Hezbollah commander for the south, so they had moved their families out at the start of the war. The landlord had refused to rent to Hezbollah when they requested the top floors of the building. No matter, the locals said, the Hezb guys just moved in anyway in the name of the ?resistance.? Everyone knew that the building would be hit eventually.

Hezbollywood - CNN admits staging of photos by Hezbollah

Teaching children to hate in Palestine and Lebanon

Teaching Children to die for Allah in Palestine and Lebanon

For the TV camera, Palestinian Mother Sends Son to be Killed

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Just the facts please!

by MirrorMirror In reply to Fraud in the news to drum ...

I think that the media is both knowingly and unknowingly guilty of doing things and presenting information that help terrorist organizations claim victim status. It has been getting really blatent lately.

The media seems to no longer care about presenting the facts of a story and instead is more concerned with telling a story from an elitist viewpoint. Their objectivity is lost.

It's hard to get the truth anymore which in the long run hurts us as a nation. You can't make an informed decision because the media presents information with an agenda. I just want the facts please.

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hardley news,

by mjwx In reply to Fraud in the news to drum ...

Of course media would exaggerate, trump up and outright lie. Most of us knew media had an agenda long before the recent Israeli war, heck I figured out media had an agenda back in 99/2000 (Bosnia Kosovo war).

All media wants is people to watch, not so much of an agenda but more greed (or greed is the agenda either/or), the more people that watch the more money they get from advertisers including governmental or political interests (which want attention). They distort mainly to get viewers, more people will watch something they disagree with then something the like, the so called media companies are trying to engage a "hate" response. Please don?t bite.

This is not an "anti-American" rant but US "news" sources tend to be worse than UK or AU sources and I'm not saying the UK and AU "news" sources are innocent either but the US seems to be more responsive to flashy, attention grabbing BS than the rest of the world. Once again, please don?t bite

I hate the fact that news has become a business rather than journalism (in my definition is reporting facts) and that the focus has become too broad (I cant get local news any more) and whist yes I do like to stay informed (if you can even do that with the state of "news" these days) on what is happening in the world, I would still very much like to know what is happening in Western Australia, Perth, North of the river and the suburb of Dianella.

If I look at several news sources, first is print The West Australian, a decent paper. the second is but this is a newscorp company and their "editorials" are little more than political fear mongering rubbish. Finally the BBC to maintain a balanced view, BBC has bias but it?s not as bad as CNN and FOX. The British tend to like detachment.

As for Israel and Hezbollah, I'm leaving them alone. I've already said my peace in another thread and I'm not starting this one, no not now, it's Friday damn it.

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Not in the real world it isn't!

by jdclyde In reply to hardley news,

Only about 10pm!

Don't really expect this to turn into much of a discussion, but had to put that first video out, ya know?

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I cant really say

by mjwx In reply to Not in the real world it ...

This video increased my cynacism of the media or news industries.

Sorry but blatant lies just aren't supprising any more. Maybe I'm just jaded.

And it is friday, 2:02 PM WST (+8 GMT), its not my fault youre a bit slow. :)

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Love the Mark Twain quote at the end...

by fungus-among-us In reply to I cant really say

If you don't read the newspaper you are UNinformed... If you DO read the newspaper you are MISinformed.


Photo/Journalists (or those that pretend to be) need to get back to reporting the news, instead of making sh/it up. I'm thankful for the multitude of people on the net who keep busting the "media".

Glad I have Cable... I seem to watch the news on the BBC more and more these days.

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you get bbc?

by jdclyde In reply to Love the Mark Twain quote ...

Must be some cable package. I only get the CBC. Not quite the same.

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by JamesRL In reply to you get bbc?

Here in Canuckistan, my satellite provider has BBC World (news and public affairs) and BBC Canada (BBC programming, comedies etc).

We also get CBC Newsworld, CTV NewsNet, CNN, CNN Headline News, Fox News, MSNBC, Bloomberg (financial). An endless supply of news.....


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basic cable

by jdclyde In reply to Awwwww

Just so many channels of #$## to choose from, and it is all #$##.

Maybe I should start listening to Rush? I hear he has opinions about everything? :0

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BBC America

by onbliss In reply to you get bbc?

Comcast offers a package where I get BBC America. The International News in the morning offers some different glimpses of the World.

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