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FREE Unlimited MP3 Downloads!

By GoGetIt ·
Maybe you have read somewhere about this site. I found it when I was searching for an alternative to kazza. It's quite good, simple fresh and no messing around.

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So's the underground Kazaalite

by Oz_Media In reply to FREE Unlimited MP3 Downlo ...

If you USED to use Kazaa, ue another P2P program to find klite 2.4.3 it offers more than this for free. Someone simply stripped all the ad crap fromKazaa when Sharman networks took over.

No monthly fee and uses the exact same P2P netowrks as the olf Kazaa. Plus it comesbundled with super node retentio software, AVI Preview and lots of little goodies (optionally installed of course) but it is shareware free.

Kazzalite had their site shut down as they were US based, but if you use Fileshare, e-Donkey etc. then search for klite 2.4.3 and you can still find it.

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re: FREE Unlimited MP3 Downloads!

by GoGetIt In reply to So's the underground Kaza ...

Thanks Oz ... found kLite 2.4, got them both running now - and i'm in music; it's great

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OZ - Thought you worked with musicians?

by Sullyman In reply to So's the underground Kaza ...


Just an observation, but I thought that you worked with musicians? Wouldn't condoning MP3's and P2P networks be something that you would be against?

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I'll add this one

by GuruOfDos In reply to OZ - Thought you worked w ...

Oz will (perhaps) agree with me on this one, but many smaller bands don't have the power of global marketing behind them. They record on smaller independent labels and do not get the airplay or media coverage that they deserve. These kind of artists make much of their income from touring and playing small venues as well as selling the 'tour shirts' etc. Getting their work distributed via the internet (or filesharing) actually allows them to reach a larger target audience and in turn, this brings more 'fans' to their tours, and hence increases their revenue.

In my day, my buddies would often lend me an album (on one of those 30cm plastic things with a hole in the middle!) and I would tape it if I liked it, and vice versa. Pre-internet file sharing if you like. Of course, when the band came to tour...we'd all buy a ticket and pay for the programme, t-shirt and often buy an album or two at the venue. That way, the artists we liked got their 'cut' from the merchandising...probably a larger slice than they'd get if we'd all legitimately purchased the album and not bothered with the gig.

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Exactly and in North America it goes deeper

by Oz_Media In reply to I'll add this one

People are just plain sick and tired of paying increasing costs for substandard work.

YOu uused to but an album and three or four songs wer top ten hits, the music was well produced and tha album told a story as it progressed.

Now what happens is one song gets the airtime, the rest of the album is b-side quality filler. Production quality has slipped big time, they are performers NOT arists these days, the music in MANY top ten acts is written by one of three major companies in North America, for example; Matrix (USED ro write for Avril Lavigne, Back Street Boys, N'Sync etc.).

People don't want to line up and pay for a CD, then pay a surtax for recording that is yet to be dispursed between the artists it was supposed to repay, and then the big kicker, most new CD's have copywrite protection that prohibits high bandwidth MP3 conversion so you can't throw it in your MP3 player and take it with you?!

I know a guy that has a MASSIVE CD collection,puts my racks of LP's to shame.

When he bought a $500.00 MP3 walkman, he found most of the music could only be converted at low bitrate or was copy protected and he couldn't just quickly add it to his MP3 walkman.

So he stopped buying CD's and started downloading what was already converted.

The industry has destroyed itself in North America, not file sharing, quality has been lost, cool packaging is a thing of the past, you usually don't even get decent liner notes anymore.
You get one song for $14.00 and 30 mins of garbage, you can't take it with you, they need to realize that people want to hear talent and buy quality music.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Exactly and in North Amer ...

I mean copyright protection.

I work with a copy writer on stock portfolios so I get the two crossed up quite often.

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The artist gets about one dollar per unit sold

by DC_GUY In reply to I'll add this one

Add to that another dollar for the production expenses including the doughnuts for the engineers. Another dollar for distribution to pay the guy who delivers the crates of CDs to the music store and the other guy who unoads the crates and puts them on the racks.

Add another dollar for supporting new talent -- paying their rent and food bills while their first album sells 10,000 copies. One Britney Spears multi-platinum will keep quite a few garage bands in the black.

That leaves about 12 bucks for profit. Split between the record company executives who ride around in limos, and the advertising industry, arguably the biggest parasite of the capitalist economy.

I'd be happy to send four dollars to a fund for every CD I acquire. The other twelve bucks make me sick.

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Prove it

by Oz_Media In reply to The artist gets about one ...

There ae MANY MANY millions of unallocated yet collected funds to be distributed between artists, unfortunately, when they had the great idea of charging taxes on blank CDR's ad charging for MP3 downloads, they hadn't thought about allocating funds to artists where contracst no longer exist, they have deceased and the music is now public property etc.

This money is SUPPOSED to be doled out but it sits in Limbo, court case after court case, more money collected daily and none of it is getting back to the industry, don't bee fooled by greed.

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something to think about

by GoGetIt In reply to So's the underground Kaza ...

I'm still using this (http://freemp3download.** because it's great

Check this out ... great philosophy,
it's from the The Free Music Philosophy - (

'Music is a creative process. Today, when a musician publishes music, i.e., exposes it to the outside world, only a privileged set of individuals are able to use the music as they please. However, the artist has drawn from the creativity of many other musicians and there is an existential responsibility placed upon them to give this back unconditionally, so creativity is fostered among people. '

Sound good Qz ???

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yeah, if you think about it ...

by SmartStuff In reply to something to think about

I agree...

Limiting your creativity to specific audiences, especially based on monetary reasons can NEVER be a good thing - not in an ideal world, anyway.

Musicians currently make money through a variety of sources: sales of records, merchandise and concert tickets, and royalties from commercial airplay (they make a lot through albumns)

Basically the singles that we download are only 'advertising for the album' money-wise, for the artist; it actually BENEFITS the artist to get thoses singles spread as far and wide as they can.

- they are not going to go hungry just because WE download a few mp3s here and there.

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